Part 72*

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Kamini: I love this!!

Vandy: ME TOO!!

Sumo: Shravan?? (Smiling) What do you think??

Shravan: I love it!! I think it will look amazing on you!

Sumo: (blushing) You too!!

Shravan: Ok! Pack these! They are perfect! Thank you so much for showing us these!

Lady: Not a problem sir. Anyways, what other events do you need clothes for? Wedding Lehenga?

Kamini: No, we have the wedding outfit already, but we did need one for the reception.

Lady: Ok, just tell me what colors you guys are thinking about, and I will show you pieces accordingly.

Shravan: Jaan, you pick last one. (Smiling)

Sumo: No, I want something of your choice. You pick!

Shravan: White. The color of purity. For our pure love. (smiling)

Vandy: Shravan!! Please teach Varun something!! (Pouting) I wish he was as romantic as you!!!

Shravan: (laughing) Thank you Bhabhi, and I will definitely try to teach him!

Lady: Give me a minute and I will show you some of our latest designs.

The lady leaves the room once more to look for some of the best pieces they have. Shravan and Sumo steal glances of each other and smile. The entire time Nirmala is trying to talk and make conversations with Shravan who bluntly ignores her.

Soon the lady comes back with a couple of packages in her hands.

Lady: (opening the first one) So this is the first outfit. It's a white Sari, with blue embroidery on the edges. It's blouse has fringes and it's a new arrival.

Shravan: (frowning) No I think it's too simple. I want something royal and different.

Lady: Ok, then this next one is a gown. (pulling out the gown) Its silver and the entire thing is embellished with sequins. It's sleeves were made of net and the neck area is net as well. The back is open and the bottom flares out. 

Vandy: No! It's too tacky. (making a face) 

Sumo: Yeah, I agree Bhabhi.

Lady: Ok, so this is the last piece and I'm sure you guys will love it. It's another Manish Malhotra collection. This is a ivory colored lehenga. The blouse is silver and covered with fringes. The bottom skirt part of the lehenga is ivory and has silver flowers embroidered on. There isn't a duppata with this one, it's meant to be worn just like this.

Sumo: I like this one Shravan. (running her hands through the fabric)

Kamini: (smiling) Yes this one is nice.

Nirmala: Yeah it beautiful.

Shravan: Even I love it! This is the one!!! 

Sumo: Can you show a matching Shervani for this.

Lady: Of course! (Pulling out the Shervani) This is an gray colored Shervani. This one is gray but the designs are embroidered on in ivory tread that matches the Lehenga. It's a rustic silk and the entire outfit is a modern piece. I think it goes perfectly with the lehenga you picked.

Sumo: Yes!! Shravan it's perfect!! (looking up to him with a smile) 

Shravan: Ok! If you like it then I like it!

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