Chapter 3- My Heart Beats

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Aiden POV
Charlotte stormed out of the bar, her hair bouncing up and down. My breath was shaking. I was furious. No one has ever spoken to me with such disrespect. "Sir, are you alright?" The question echoed in my head. I was too entranced by this feisty little kitten. "I'll be back." I muttered. I followed her. She was walking to her car that was parked on the street. It was a 2003 Altima.  This girl can't even afford a new car I thought. I could also hear her crying. I stopped and looked at her. My heart of stone was breaking into a heart of flesh. I noticed she was having difficulty entering her car. I approached behind her. Her presence is so soothing, it steadies my heart. "May I?" I asked. She let out a small gasp. Her entire body shook. "I'm not looking for trouble. Please Mr. Westworth, I'm sorry." Her eyes filled with fear. "Don't worry. I shouldn't have told you what I told you. I was in the wrong and I'm sorry Miss Charlotte." My words seemed to have calmed her. "Report here tomorrow at 11. I'll make sure Spencer has you taken care of." Her demeanor changed. "Thank you. I have to leave now. Goodbye." She opened her car door and buckled up. I walked away and looked at her. I couldn't help but feel pity for her. A beautiful girl shouldn't be working here for me, but I wanted her. I NEED to have her.

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