Chapter Seventeen|| Truth comes out

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{Christian's POV}!!!!!-nick bateman above bc he's hot-

 Watching my mate leave in a distressed manner completely pissed of me and my wolf, which is never a good combination.

"Are you serious, Madre?" I asked and she ignored me cutting into her steak. 

I slammed my fist onto the table, letting out a snarl causing her to jump from my reaction looking at me with wide eyes. 

"You may be my mother, you may have been a queen, but I am the king now. Show some respect. My wolf doesn't take your actions tonight on a good measure, so I suggest you not to piss him off anymore." She sighed bringing her napkin to her mouth wiping it and then looked at me. 

I've never had a good relationship with my mother. The lies she and my father kept from me when I was growing up was too much.

"I am serious Christian, she doesn't need to be a queen! You don't know the torment she will go through, the hate. The sectors are something that can make you or ruin you. That side of her, what she has been through, will never leave her. The pain and suffering she has endured, you wouldn't begin to understand. That takes a toll on a person. She is not fit to be queen. She won't do what's necessary, and she will pity the weak, mate or not, I do not accept. Im happy for you Christian, I really am... but you have to consider things." I looked at her confused. 

"Consider what exactly? There is nothing to consider. I love that woman with everything in me. I'm not letting her go, ever. I've known her for a short amount of time, and it's the happiest I've ever been. She will make a great luna and queen, dad even agrees. I try and I try, but you push everyone away. I see why father is never around now." I snapped standing up. 

"Your father isn't around because he is a-" She trailed off. 

"No. NO! Do not try to use his own mistakes to cover up your own. She is staying and it is final. You know nothing about her! You've been home for a damn hour and you're already trying to judge her. Listen and listen closely. I will marry Scarlett, I will crown her as my queen, and she will bare my pups, like it or not it will happen. Now it's up for you to decide if you want to see your future daughter-in-law walk down the aisle or our kids. I've said what has needed to be said. I wish for you to stay at your house from now on. I don't want you in the palace unless deemed okay by me." 

"Fine, then just let me talk to her and I'll leave." She said as I started to walk off and I halted. 

"Why should I ever let her back near you?"

"Just let her hear me out, that's all I wish. If you love her so deeply, just let me speak to her." I thought about it clenching my jaw. 

"One rude thing and I mean one little thing, and you're gone. For good." She nodding standing from her seat. 

{Scarlett's POV}

I sat by the window that was in mine and Christian's bedroom. The sun was slowly starting to leave the sky as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I tried to act bravely in there, but the second I got back to our room, I was a goner. 

I couldn't understand why she judged me so harshly. I've never done anything to her! So what if I was from a sector? I may not be perfect, but I'm a damn good woman, and I'll be that good to Chris. 

Lately, I've noticed how Christian has become my life. Anything can remind me of him. It's amazing how not too long ago I didn't even believe in mates, and here I sat patronized by his mother. 

How fun. 

The door creaked open and I turned to see Christian. He gave me a soft smile walking over to me. 

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