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Anna Bernice Torres is an ordinary teenage girl living an exceedingly extraordinary life. When her parents called it quits when she was fourteen, she and her siblings Zeke and Tamara was left to their mom na wala namang ginawa kung hindi maglasing at sumama sa lalaki nito — which forced Anna to step forward to do everything to keep their family afloat.

Maagang namulat sa malupit na mundo si Anna. And because of this she missed some opportunities in life na dapat maranasan ng mga teenager na katulad niya like having friends, having fun and of course.. Falling inlove. Para sa kanya walang lugar ang ganito sa buhay niya dahil sila lang ng mga kapatid niya ang importante sa kanya. Anyway, hindi naman siya naniniwala sa love. For her love is something that people should not take seriously.

Luke Zachary De Salvo is the town's playboy and delinquent. Being charming and a descendant of a millionaire, he can get away easily from everything he's done wrong. At a very young age he's already exposed to sins that could actually make him go to hell. Sex. Women. Fights. Lahat ng yan may karanasan si Luke. Well, hindi rin naman kasi siya naniniwala sa love. For him love is for the weak and it makes people vulnerable. Just like what happened to him when his ex girlfriend left him.

What happens when two people from different worlds but both unbelievers of love, meet? Is it a chance for them to change their perspective about love? Or with challenges, trials, and secrets of their past that are bound to test them, their belief about love in the beginning will be unshaken? Hanggang kailan lalaban si Luke at Anna when it seems like their relationship is already forbidden since time immemorial?

Story status: Completed

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