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Grayson's POV~

"I'll come round to the warehouse in about an hour?"

"We can. But don't you think it's best to just spend time with the family and all? I mean we finally know that everyone is safe. Everything is exactly the way it's meant to be. We can go to the warehouse whenever, Grayson." Ethan tells me over the phone.

Allison walks into our bedroom.

"I want to man. I want to film and edit and upload. I want to be able to go back onto social media and say that we're uploading. It's been too long. My family is here and I will always be there for them but I am no longer neglecting the fans." I look over at Alli who's sat at the edge of the bed, staring into blank space.

"Whatever you say Gray." He laughs.

I end the call without saying anything and leave my phone on our nightstand before walking over to Allison.

I crouch down in front of her, resting my arms on her thighs.


Her eyes snap down to mine.

Did she not even notice me in the room?

"The twins are finally having a nap." She practically whispers out.

I sigh.

"What can I do to make you feel better Allison? Tell me what to do."

She holds my face in her hands and leans in to kiss me.

She kisses me repeatedly but I pull away the slightest bit.

"Allison. We don't have to do this. We can just talk ab-"

"Shut up Dolan." She moves her hands to the back of my neck to pull me closer and kisses me again.

I chuckle lowly, giving in this time.

She thinks she's ahead. She always thinks she's ahead. But she never is unless I let her be in control. So I give her that control for a little longer but then I slow down the kisses.

My lips kiss her top one and then the bottom one. My tongue slides across her bottom lip.

She decides to not give me what I want.

I feel myself pretty much growl.

I bite down on her bottom lip, making her open her mouth. My tongue then finds its way to hers and yet again, she tries to gain control.

I move away, standing up and getting her to stand up with me.

I pull her top over her head and she does the same to mine. Soon enough all our clothes were scattered around the room.

I peck her lips a few times before gently pushing her back onto the bed.

She crawls backwards up to the bed frame.

I then crawl up to her, kissing the soft skin of her thighs, her toned stomach... All the way up to those lips of hers that I love just as much as her other lips.

"I love you." My voice comes out so deep. Ew. But Allison seems to love it.

"I love you too." She kisses my jaw.

"I will never blame you for anything that has happened in our lives. I will only ever thank you." I push her hair away from her face, kissing down to her collar bone before looking back up at her face. "Everything that has ever happened has only made us closer. It shows how we can always stick by one another." I kiss down the side of her neck, slightly sucking as I go. She almost trembles below me.

I smirk.

"Thank you for never giving up on me." I find my way to her sensitive spot. Oh please anything you touch on her makes her sensitive. Okay, her most sensitive spot on her neck. "Thank you for sticking by me through everything. You could have very easily just not bothered with us. But you did." I bring my lips back up to hers.

She tugs down on my bottom lip, earning a groan from me. She knows I love it but today's about her. I'm only pleasing her today.

I make my way down her body, leaving kisses as I go.

"No, no teasing today Grayson." She tugs on my hair to pull me back up.

"You sure? Not even a little to get you more wet for me?" I whisper to her.

"Give me what I want."

"I'll give you what you want and more, baby."

I kiss her briefly before positioning myself into her.


I roll off Allison and lay beside her on our bed. We both pant breathlessly as I pull her head to lay on top of my chest.


"Hm." I hum, playing with her hair.

"We haven't been using any kind of protection. I'm not on the pill." She tells me quietly.

I open one eye and look down at her, smiling a lazy smile.

"Well I'm always down to have another kid." I joke. "Let's just hope it's a girl. I'd spoil my baby girl." I sigh into Allison's hair.

"Grayson, I'm not pregnant."

"You don't know that." I further joke.

"Hate you."

"Well these marks tell me otherwise." I point at a bruise she's left on my upper chest.

Her cheeks heat up.

I love how I can still make her feel that way after so many years.

"Oh crap."

"What?" Alli asks.

"I was meant to meet Ethan at the warehouse like 45 minutes ago..."

We both burst out laughing as I cuddle my arms around the baby girl I have for now.


THERES YO GOD DAMN SMUT. It's not the best but I tried😭


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