Monay's pov:
I still can't believe he fell into my trap so easily... I thought it would take ages just to get him use the watch. I thought he'd sass me a zillion times before I actually made him use it. But I did make him lose his voice for a bit so...

He will be mine soon enough. This is part of my plan. Since he broke the deal I've gone back to my plan... And no one can stop me now.

I teleported myself to his room and made him use the watch. I hope that he re-witnesses most of the fight and tries to change something. I need him to change something or else I'm gonna have to make him use it again.

I hope he doesn't let that knife stab him in the heart... Because if he does that would be really difficult to heal... And he might die... I can't let him die...

Luke's pov:
"Guys please... She's gonna make him use the watch again!" I shout. "I think he's safe I mean we did lock him in his room" Ashton replies. "Or he's in danger... Did you forget that Money has magic?" I ask them. "We better rush!" Michael shouts. "Yeah" I agree with Michael.

Ashton grabs the keys to Calum's door from a table in his room. He unlocks it and the three of us rush in. Could we be too late?

"Calum!" I call. I don't get a reply. We walk around his room for a bit. We go to his bed and find him lying down on it.

Ashton tries lightly shaking him to wake him up. He doesn't wake up. Oh no! She already made him use the watch.

"Guys I think she already made him use it" I tell them. "Shit! What do we do now?" Michael asks.

"I have no idea" Ashton answers Michael. "We need to get him back to the present before he witnesses the worst parts of the fight" I tell them. "I know, But how?" Ashton asks. "I'm not sure" I answer.

"Guys, whatever we do we're not going to take him back to Monday" Michael says. "Yep, that'll be a stupid thing to do" Ashton replies. "It would only make things way worse" I add. "True" Michael replies to both me and Ashton.

We need to talk to Calum right now... But unfortunately we cannot... We need to help stay safe... But we're really unlucky because we won't be able to do that... How are we ever gonna get Calum out of this mess?

If only we could get into Calum's mind... But no we don't have magic... If only we could of predicted the future and stopped this from happening in the first place... But nope we're not fortune tellers...

"Guys we need to try and stay as positive as we can about this situation" Ashton tells the two of us. Michael and I nod in agreement. Although, I can't even begin to imagine what Calum is thinking about it... He's the kinda person who when he's put in a negative position like this he can't think on the bright side and only think about all the bad things that could happen to him...

Calum's pov:
I hate Monay... Why did she have to make me use the watch??? How am I gonna get through the fight without something bad happening to me???

I'm either gonna get myself killed or I'm gonna be stuck in the past forever... I don't know which is worse?


"Diana did you know that Cathryn is dead?" I ask with tears falling from my eyes. "Ye-uh n-no no I didn't" she stutters but replies clearly afterwards. I may never know why she stuttered before replying. "She was murdered" I say. "So do you think I killed her or something?!" She asks whilst shouting. "No need to get so angry I just wanted to know" I replied to her shouting.

"Why would I wanna know? You knew how much I hated her" she says back furiously. "Why are you so angry about this baby?" I question her. "I'm not your baby!" She shouts back. "No.. You can't do this...  Please, why are you acting like this???  I don't get what's gotten into you" I reply.

"I'm pretty sure you think the devil got into me and I killed your f**king ex girlfriend... You weren't even supposed to be friends with that b***h!" She says angrily.

"Calm down Diana... Cathryn wasn't a b***h" I reply struggling to keep my cool but managed to anyway. "Then why'd you break up with her, huh?" She replies. "I didn't break up with her she broke up with me... I still loved her and I---" I started to say but she cut me off before I could finish.

"So you were using me to get over her... I'm not some sort of teddy bear for you to turn to when you feel down Calum!" She shouts angrily. "It's nothing like that baby, and you didn't even let me finish my sentence!" I tell her losing a little of my cool. "I don't care about what you were gonna say Calum...  I don't care about you Calum... And I told you I'm not your baby... Plus I'm not even yours!" She says in a rage.

"Look Diana... I lo-" I start to say but she cuts me off again. "No you don't... You loved her you always loved her even when you're dating me all you can think about is her" She picks up her pocket knife... Oh no this is not gonna be good...  I need to save myself from getting murdered.

Instead of fiddling with the watch to get back to the present... My stupid mind thinks of something else...

"Diana no! Stop you can't do this!" I shout whilst trying to grab the knife away from her...

I try fiddling with the watch to get back to the present... But it isn't working... Then I realised something...

I tried to change the past...

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