Being an average girl was not on my list of I-SHOULD-BE-KIND-OF-GIRL.

So I chose to be a laidback, self centered, awesome at everything person.. Sounds like an obnoxious right?

I had to be though..

I'm afraid to fail someone especially who gives impotance on me..

But aside from all of the I-SHOULD-BE is that I'm such a kid even though I'm nearing my legal age especially when my family's around. ONLY.

My mom said that I need to be mature and I say being mature make your wrinkles visible. She laughed at that though.

I will always be the immature daughter of Tanjuatco Family and the naughty member of Fernandez Clan ..

I have bunch races flowing in my veins. Spanish, Chinese, British and Filipino.

yeah my ancestors manage to inflict different races in their body.So they passed it on every member of the clan, including me. Nice right?

I'm an only girl in the family aside from my mom who always have the power to call the shots in our house, when they are out, uhh.. So in everywhere and in everyway.. Yeah, my father is so whipped about her, she manage to wrap him by her little pinky. I have two older brothers who are dumb enough when it comes to me and I think also my father. Girls in the family are their weakness.

I have a good relationship with my family, they are nice and caring to the point I'm choking with all their possesiveness. I'd to went to school even though it's not my choice of school, they say IT'S TOO DANGEROUS FOR A YOUNG LADY LIKE YOU TO LET YOU WANDER AT THE CITY. It feels like I'm some dumb girl to wander around.

hello? I'm studying? I didn't go there just to 'wander around'.

I had to contain my self at that moment whenever they say that.. I'm about to implode that time with all the mentally cursing I'd done to my family. GOD!!!

So even all the whining and purposely ignoring for the whole week of my life that I had to waste. Even starving my self just to make them feel guilty, but no they are so cold hearted on me.

They still didn't let me go to my dream school. I purposely chose that university because I have to get myself an apartment. ALL BY MYSELF.

I cried all night because of that opportunity to be living by myself that goes to waste.

So I let them send me to the nearest school to keep an eye on me.

I just sighed at that memory..

Oo nga pala second sem na buti na lang at tapos na ang first sem na ayaw ko ng maalala pa..

Yeah. Another torturing semestral for me...

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