{Scarlett's POV}

The next morning was quick. Christian had to go an early meeting and I decided to go for a run speaking my wolf hadn't been let out in a while.

As minutes passed, I found myself laying in a field still in wolf form. She was happy and content, feeling free. I know some royal guards were trailing me, but I couldn't care less. It felt amazing being outside, and it was a beautiful day. The field was full of fresh flowers and I kept taking in the amazing scents, sneezing here and there, but it was peaceful. 

Hours passed of me just lying there. I thought about everything. The war, my old friends, my family. 

'Where are you?' a mind link ran through and I automatically noticed it was Christian. 

'Went out for a run, I thought I told you?' I answered.

'You did, I'm just asking where you're at' he sounded amused. 

'oh, the field by the old pack houses, it's beautiful up here' I got no response as my wolf yawned wanting to give me back control, but I stayed in wolf form, I was no where near my clothes. 

I heard a low growl and froze. My wolf piped up instantly taking control back, her ears alert. The guards were gone and I started to panic. I stood looking around, I didn't see anything. I could have swore I-

I let out a yelp as I was tackled from the side. We rolled until I was on my back and a paw sat on my chest holding me down. The huge wolf looked down at me and the gold eyes gave him away. 

'Chris, what the hell!' I snapped through our link growling at him. 

'Miss me, babe?' He gave me a wolfish grin. 

'Not really.' He growled snapping at my neck playfully. 

His wolf form was intimidating seeing that I was an ant compared to him. His wolf stood tall and confident, his fur a gold-ish brown. He was beautiful. 

'Your wolf is gorgeous,' he said and I smiled. 

'Funny, I was thinking the same thing.' I rolled out from under him standing and he nuzzled his head with mine. 

'You never told me your fur was grey, and her eyes are blue. I would have thought they were brown like yours' I shrugged. 

'You never asked, plus I don't know why... I guess she's special.' I joked, playfully knocking his body with mine as we walked. 

'I would have to agree with that.' 

I got an idea and smirked. Nipping at his ear I jumped back wagging my tail and took off through the field. His chuckle drifted through our link as if saying 'game on'. I ran like my life depended on it. He was purposely letting me ahead of him nipping at my back legs here and there. 

As I was running, I saw a small but decent size river and ran jumping into it. The loud splash after me indicated Chris did too. 

I came up for air and looked down. The water was pretty dark. Shifting back into my form I trusted Christian to keep his distance. He did as I did and I saw his handsome self again. 

"Why so far away?" He asked with a small, knowing smirk. 

"You know why. I'm trusting you to keep your distance." I said and he sighed. 

"I will, only if you want." I rolled my eyes. 

"I do." He nodded and I laughed splashing him with water. 

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