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Hello and welcome to our workshop. This is something you won't find very often on wattpad, but it's a helpful tool to help you grow as a writer.

The main purpose of this system is to help you improve as a writer so the focus will be on technicalities over content (though content is very important too)

Here is some basic information:

- you must have at least 4 chapters (doesn't matter if the 4 chapters are from chapters split into parts) to participate;

- every month you will be paired with one other person, more if you enter more than one book (do this cautiously though);

- once you are paired, you MUST contact your partner;

- You will personally discuss with your partner how many chapters you read per week. We will try to make sure people want to read the same amount per week as designated on their form;

- comments will mostly be inline, but please do between 10 and 20 at least to make sure you are being as useful as possible. We don't want anyone having a subpar experience. It is strongly encouraged you give your overall thoughts at the end of the chapter if you couldn't do at least 10 inlines, and it is also understood if the chapter is just too short to comment on 10 times;

Here are a few things your comments should focus on:

*grammar and punctuation

*sentence structure and flow

*chapter hook

*character development

*execution (realistic dialogue, good balance of description, dialogue and inner thought)

*positive reactions to something particularly strong

*general reactions to the story

Note: our purpose in this workshop is to improve, so no sugarcoating is necessary. Point out what you find wrong and suggest a way to correct it.

Being honest doesn't equal being rude, so be as constructive as possible. And don't forget, saying good things to show the writer what they are doing right is encouraged.

How the workshop will work:

- each month, you will be part of a pairing

- pairings follow the information you gave us as closely as possible

- you may ask specific questions at the end of your chapters to help your partner give you the information you want/need (your partner is encouraged to answer the questions but it's not compulsory)

- every Sunday there will be a progress report. You will say how many chapters were agreed on that week if your weekly goal changes and how progress is going with the pairing ;

- if you need an extension, pm this account. Until you finish your current round, you will not be paired again;

- if anyone is dissatisfied with their pairing, they should PM this account and if the comments are lacking, measures will be taken;


- in order to sign up, you must follow this account

- each month will have its own form, so be sure to fill out a form in the latest area. Forms will appear after an assignment is put up, but I will send you a message one week prior to the next assignment.  If you do not reply, you're not in;

- as long as you are in this club, you will receive a follow from us. It makes tagging 100x easier for me. However, unless we follow you for another reason, if you leave, you lose the follow.

- You may not enter stories that are: poetry, Spiritual, or random due to difficulties to review or the genre type having its own form of grammar rules.

- Your book must have at least 4 actual chapters (A/Ns, cast lists, dedications, etc do not count)

- You must meet your goal by the end of the month.

- Your comments should be phrased in a constructive manner and you must provide suggestions. Remember: the purpose here is to help others become better writers, not make them want to quit writing. See the chapter Critique Example.

- You must comment to let us know you're done

- if you've read the rules, put a × on your form - you will not be accepted without it if it is your time joining

- if you have any questions regarding the system, leave a comment or PM the account

- if you do not communicate with your partner or do not participate in your pairing as you should - we will watch your activity - we will ban you from this club. Nobody should have to suffer because someone else decided they weren't up for the pairing. Even one chapter a day would equate to 7 chapters at the end of the week.

A few words of advice:

The system might seem a bit tough, but it's the fastest way to improve.

Why should you join us? Because helping others will help you grow as well. Editing for someone else will help you catch your own slips. And all we want is to be better writers (that's why we're here).

Well, now that we have your attention, head on over to the next page and sign up.

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