Cabin 56

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~Buttercup's P.O.V~
We arrived at Lake Wooten the most run down camping grounds ever to still exist,I rubbed my eyes as I just woken up from a nap after riding on a bus for two hours. We all filed off and were told to get in our groups. Blossom's face lit up every time she was with Brick, she would never admit she liked him but we all knew it. I personally don't want to date because of Mitch Mitchelson and his constant "I love you" lies and cheating habits of getting nasty with whoever he wants. I just never gave in to his disgusting ways and I just ignored him, so I have real bad trust issues.
"Group 4 you're in cabin 56"
Miss. Lincoln informed keeping her eyes typed to the paper. I rolled my eyes and walked with my sisters to the musty cabin
"Look at this rat hole"
The pink puff murmured, we all looked around at the trashy dump cabin we were assigned to. As we looked we noticed a board with the format of the cabin and some warnings that no one payed attention to
"Look three bedrooms" groaned Brick "I guess we're sharing" I looked I could be paired with my sisters or these boys
"I'll sleep on the couch" I said
Everyone's eyes were on me as I nodded, I could tell nobody was excited to probably need to use the bathroom the middle of the night and see me on the couch but whatever it was only two weeks, just fourteen days.

The first day was all unpacking and taking tours of the camp grounds. When night rolled around we just went to our rooms and I slept on the couch, it was pretty comfortable. Bubbles shared a room with Blossom and Brick and Boomer shared a room, so Butch got a room for himself. Everyone was sleeping and so was I but not for long until I was having one of my nightmares that occur way too much and I usually wake up screaming or sweating and flying in circles.
I was flying in a box in circles well people lit fires towards the camp, I was trapped then I felt someone shake my shoulders pulling me I screamed and they let go
When I woke up I was still screaming while Butch was standing over me I stopped taking a deep breath
"Jeez what's wrong with you?" He asked
I shook my head
He just nodded and sat down on the sofa looking at me and I was still panting but I managed to steady my breath
"What are you doing up so late?"
he just stared at his hands then looked at me
"I was hungry so when I walked down here, I saw u freaking out so I tried to wake you up then you screamed bloody murder"
I just stared at him and nodded, after a while Bubbles and Blossom just ignored my nightmares and my sleep paralysis or night terrors it hurt to know I was freaking out and my sisters just ignored me. It felt nice to know someone cared
"Thanks" I mumbled "thanks for trying to help me"
He then got up and walked upstairs and came back down a few minutes later with his blanket and pillow
"I'm just going to stay down here, just incase you freak out or get whatever you get" he told me laying down on the sofa next to the one I was on
I gave a small smile then rolled over falling asleep
I didn't have another nightmare for the rest of the night.

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