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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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They all sat around the park and watch as the sunset beautifully in the corner of their eyes. Yuri shifted towards Yunho and smiled at him. He ran his fingers through her black and rainbow hair. He smiled back and looked in to her black-brown eyes. A beeping sound from Yuri and Lilith’s phones broke the moment.

 “How come you always get texts at the same time?” asked Junsu, Lilith’s older brother.

 “It’s a secret.” Lilith grinned madly. Yuri giggled.

 “I have to go, though.” Said Yuri.

 “As do I!” replied Lilith. The text message had been from their boss, Nicole Jung. They ran as fast as their feet would carry them. The easiest way to get to the offices was through a manhole with a red stamp on it. Unfortunately, this new hang out spot was far away from any of the sort. The trees were beautifully aged and had rough russet bark and fresh green leaves. The grass was bright and dewy, it was the best place to hang out.

 “Found one!” declared Lilith. She jumped up and down excitedly. There was the bright red sticker shaped like a special shuriken. Lilith pulled her long jet black hair back into a high ponytail. She pulled the sleeves of her wrinkled black leather jacket. There were a few scratches on the sleeve. Lilith and Yuri pulled the manhole up with a big tug it was up. Yuri stepped in first then Lilith followed. Once both girls were in, the manhole shut itself. The lights suddenly came on, the light bulbs were so bright that they almost seemed to swell with light. There was little to say about that except for the fact they were a very bright shade of white and golden arrows lead the way to the offices.

 “Is it me or are there less arrows every week?” Yuri asked in a sugary voice.

 “I think we can both agree on that!” said Lilith in her Russian accent. There it was, the cable car that would take them to the office. The casing that surrounded the cart was crystal and the structure was built from platinum. Yuri and Lilith slammed the golden button. The cable cart slowly lowered itself. The doors opened gracefully and the girls cautiously stepped in. The doors snapped shut as soon as they were in. The cart zipped off like a bullet. Then it teetered about until finally stopping on the patio in the basement.

 “Girls, how was your ride?” Nicole asked. Lilith steady herself and rubbed her head.

 “Dizzy!” Yuri said. Lilith nodded. Nicole shook her chocolate brown hair slightly and gave the girls a huge smile.

 “Come on, very important mission!” she squealed excitedly. Her white jacket was spotless as always. She handed the girls to files in manila envelopes.

 “The Enma Gang?” Lilith lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head.

 “The notorious gang that started robbing banks in two-thousand one and are now one of the most fear gangs in history?” exclaimed Yuri.

 “Doesn’t ring a bell!” Lilith said. She smoothed her black leggings out.

 “Harlow, give the girls their kit!” Nicole called. A blond boy with emerald green eyes hurried out. He pushed his glasses up and smiled at the girls. He gave each of them a parcel wrapped in white tissue paper. The girls got in the pods and quickly changed. Yuri wore a long black jacket, a smooth plain white shirt and black leggings. She had a backpack slung over her shoulders. Lilith wore a simple pair of cropped jet black leggings as well as a matching stab vest, mask and steel toed boots. She also had arm and knee pads as well as long fingerless gloves. She had a red strap for her Katana sword. Nicole gave the girls a hug and sent them on their way…

 The docks were deserted and dark. Yuri pulled out her desert eagle from her jacket and held it up. A masked man wearing a Enma gang emblem (A golden kunai knife) on his jacket. Without thought, Yuri pulled the trigger. The man fell back as the platinum bullet penetrated his skull. Immediately a swarm of gang members emerged.

 Lilith jumped from her hiding place and unsheathed her katana. She stuck it in the ground and spun around the handle kicking four gang members in the face. Yuri shot them with her desert eagle. Lilith pulled her Katana from the ground and lunged forward stabbing a goon through the chest. She drew the sword out and blood covered the blade. A man also had a katana. He unsheathed it and made for Lilith. She quickly slammed the blade with hers. Yuri threw a kunai knife at the man. Lilith ducked quickly to avoid being hit. Lilith took his Katana and sliced the men that surrounded her like meat.

 Yuri focused on a hand to hand match with a tall gang member. Kick was followed by punch and a punch was followed by a shove which was returned with a kick. As Lilith finished off a member with her sword she felt a sharp pain in her lower leg. She looked behind her. A gigantic gang member with a huge build had stabbed Lilith.  Yuri pulled out her gun and fired her gun. It got the man in the back. Lilith plunged her sword through the man’s chest.

 Yuri turned to continue the combat with the other gang member but he was gone.

 “Let’s get you back to the office.” Yuri said helping Lilith walking. That was the problem with Lilith, she was never careful. Lilith’s icy blue eyes looked at the ground.

 “Thanks.” She said.

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