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Nathan's P. O. V.

I was still at the hospital. I just can't bring myself to go home. Knowing that when I walk threw the front door I won't be greeted by her beautiful smile. I miss that smile... So much.

I've been wearing the same uniform I can't even bring myself to leave her side.

For the past few hours I've been meaninglessly talking to her about what was happening when I was in Iraq's as if she could hear me.

"Bellissima, I need you to wake up for me... For your son and daughter. Cause I don't think I can do this without you. And they..."
I say placing a hand on her not to large but large baby bump.

"They need you. They need their mom to wake up now. Because you have been asleep for way to long.
I just need you to let me know that your listening. Just blink your eyes or move your fingers just one finger is all it takes and I'll know that your listening.... I need to know if your still here."
I say staring at her fingers hoping to get a sign.

I must've stared for minutes. I sadly didn't get what I wanted she didn't blink or live her fingers she didn't even move an inch. As much as I'd hate to admit it this is causing me to loose hope not getting a response from her. I'm starting feel like she is slipping away from me.

I stood up from the chair that I had been sitting in beside her bed. I kissed her forehead and walked towards the window that I hadn't even realize was their till right now.

As I was walking to it I saw my reflection in it. Causing me to realize that I am crying. And currently I don't like what's staring back at me. It only held a man that looked and is miserable.

I stopped staring and ignored my reflection and instead I stared out at the sky as the sun was beginning to set. I hadn't been out side in at least three days.
When my brother tried talking to me yesterday. I just couldn't talk to him. I was too angry. We planned everything out. I don't know why or how they couldn't follow the most simplest instructions.

I suddenly hear small little movements coming from behind me. But I ignored it.
I now hear an all to familiar groan. Which instantly caught my attention. I quickly turned around and quickly walked over to Lahlani's bed. Grabbing ahold of her hand I stared at her seeing her eyelids slowly open but than quickly close again.


She's finally waking up.

"Oh my god your awake" I shout.

Clicking the help button that was on the side of the bed.

I put my hands on her cheek cupping them as a smile spread across my face. Seeing her face change as if life was just given back to her.

Her eyes completely opened and she starting blinking. Trying to get used to the brightness of the room I'm assuming.
When they stopped. She looked everywhere in the room but me. Than her eyes landed on me.

Her beautiful eyes. That are now filled with life. They may be half open but that is good enough for me.
"N-Nathan?" She says in a very low groggy voice.

I wrapped my arms around her. I was going to go in for a kiss but I was interrupted when I heard the door open.
"Where am I?"
"What's the problem?" I heard the nurse say.

"She's awake!". I Shout once again. And the nurses eyes widened.

"Alright well her CAT scans came back good. Its a miracle that she even woke up at all with her memories intact. Especially since there was some swelling in her brain.
The swelling has gone down with the right medication but, we still need to run some test to make sure she is stable. As I told you before she had several injures she had broken her left leg in the accident and ruptured her right knee and both of her ribs were badly damaged. So it'd be some sort of a struggle for her to start walking again. Here is her prescription. She needs to take-"

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