Chapter 1- Why not me?

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**Hello everyone!! I trust you love the Harry Potter series, if you're here, reading my fanfic. As a writer, I very much wanted to tackle the seventh year in Hogwarts- after all, all we had was a like a coupla' pages on it, where Neville gave us a brief synopsis of what happened. But of course, I realize I can't start directly with it, so here, I'm starting with the 4th year, right before the Yule Ball.**

**This is for all you people who believe in love even after you've been broken, because I know how tough it is.**

I sat down on my four poster bed and stared out of the window glumly. The Yule Ball was 3 days away and I still didn't have a guy to take along. Why was life so bloody unfair, I thought, and let out a deep sigh. The only guy I'd wanted to ask me was showing no interest or inclination in doing so.

I put in my books into my bag and went straight to the common room. There he was, Ron Weasley, the guy on whom I had a terrible crush. I'd always thought he had eyes for no one but Hermione. I bet he'd even asked her.

I spotted Ginny in one corner of the room and wended my way across to her. I needed consoling, and who better to do it than my crush's own sister?? Besides she was a really lovely person to talk to and we got along really well.

"Hey Y/N !! What are you doing this evening?? Wanna join me for a spot of.." Her voice petered out uncertainly as she looked at my face.

"Ginny, you have a date to the ball, right??" I asked.

"Yeah, I said yes to Neville..But what is up with you??" She held my hand and looked into my eyes. I wished then that those eyes were blue like Ron's.

"3 years, Ginny, I've waited 3 years!! The guy I like won't even acknowledge it!! Or maybe he does and he's too shy to face me?? He's caught me staring at him so many times.."

"Ermm.. Who exactly are you talking about, Y/N??" She looked puzzled.


She gaped at me for a couple of seconds. Spluttering in surprise, she nearly fell off her armchair and I had to pull her back onto it.

"You really mean it?? My brother?? What do you see in him anyway??"

"Well, he's cute!! And I really love how he's so very loyal to Harry. He's got an amazing sense if humour too!! He's an absolute charmer Ginny.."

"Hey, is this my brother you're talking about,Y/N?? Ditch him, get one of those Ravenclaw boys. Trust me, you'll thank me for the rest of your life."

"Ha ha.." I laughed sarcastically and said, "He's asked Hermione though, hasn't he??"

Ginny shrugged indifferently. "Don't really know, and couldn't care less. Anyhow, about you, don't worry girl, boys can be real jerks at times. Remember I live with 6 brothers?? Age always stuffs some sense into them, till then they're annoying dung-heads."

She motioned towards Fred and George who were trying to knock off books from the table with Fanged Frisbees.

"Y/N, you're pretty and you'll pretty surely have a host of guys behind you this evening, begging to take you. Forget Ron..."

I looked away. How could I forget Ron??

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