Much to my dismay, Spencer Evans - who didn't seem like it at all - was quite the dancer. While Dylan and Collin had many girls (and apparently boys when it came to Collin) that they went with, Spencer and Cameron were the only ones who really stuck with their partners in relationships for a long period of time. Somehow, that equated to them being bad dancers in my mind while the other boys were instantly thought of as good since they likely danced with many different people. That turned out to be a faulty prejudiced because while Cameron didn't beat Ramona, it was obvious that he was letting her win since he was nice like that. Not to mention the fact that I saw Dylan dancing that one time back at Sassy Cupcake.

There definitely weren't as many boys here as there were girls because he was having a more formal party than usual where he would probably invite the football or lacrosse team along with the cheerleaders and anyone who he didn't forget to invite while the rest came over on their own accord. I wondered if he would've went the whole time without inviting me if he had a party like that this time.

"Venia," I heard Amy call me from the dance floor. "You, me, and Beckett?"

"After that, winner plays the birthday boy," Dylan cut in, eyeing Amy mischievously like he knew she would win. In all honesty, she probably would because I didn't take Beckett for a dancer and neither did he by the way his eyes widened at Amy's words. But I still had to try because that was the only way I would figure out what was up with Dylan and why I suddenly became public enemy number one.

"Sounds like a plan," I said, trying to appear more confident even though I was shaking in my shoes at the thought of the pure embarrassment I was soon to put myself through.

Embarrassing myself on the dance floor was an understatement. However I had no idea what else to call what I did back there. Because the song Amy chose involved at long of swinging of the hips and the arms, I ended up hurting Beckett more than I meant to, even giving him a black eye while Amy went on unscathed as the victor. She was prepping herself to go against Dylan when Beckett excused himself to go to the bathroom.

"You should get him something like peas," Dylan said with a nod towards the freezer in the kitchen. "Don't exactly want that swelling to keep up since it's your fault. So you should go and take care of him"

Everyone else seemed to think that was funny, however the humor was lost on me. Because it felt like Dylan didn't really want me here. I was invited at the last second and this was the first time he really talked to me for the whole time we were here. Well, that was too bad for him, considering how he was the one who dragged me into this friendship with him. I should've seen it from a mile away that the ulterior motives behind everything undermined our relationship, but if I had to do this for them, then this needed to be a win-win situation so that everyone's happy.

Not even bothering to deal with Dylan's incompetence right now, I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer before making my way upstairs to where I remembered the bathrooms were.

When I made it intone doorway of the bathroom, Beckett was standing in front of the mirror, examine the damage done to his face - the damage that was my fault, as much as I hated to admit. "Hey, I'm sorry about that."

He turned in surprise to find me standing there and after a while, his lips curled into a smile that made me feel even guiltier about hurting him. "That's alright. At least I'm not up against Dylan, he's terrible."

I chuckled to myself after hearing that, especially because I was a witness to Dylan's dancing skills back at the tea party last month and Beckett's statement was pretty accurate. "I saved you, I guess." I decided to step fully inside so that I wasn't just standing awkwardly outside of the door and watching him. "Sit down on the toilet - after closing the lid of course. I have some frozen peas for your eye."

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