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But I'm only human, and I bleed when I fall down...

But I'm only human, and I bleed when I fall down

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Anastasia got out of the cab after Bella and quickly pulled her phone out, she opened her contacts to send one last text as an apology.

Anastasia: To what did I owe to meet such a person as you, a kind and loving person. I didn't deserve you, I don't deserve you. You deserve so much better, I can picture you with Alice maybe? I don't know. But please, please remember that I love you and I always will. I love you so much, Jasper Hale. Forever and Always.

"Again, Ana. I'm so sorry." Ana shook her head and let a low emotionless laugh fall from her lips. "I never thought about how I was going to die, I always wanted it to be in the place of someone I love. Yet here I am, dying in the place of someone I haven't even met." 

Bella grabbed Ana's hand as the two of them walked into the room. Just like the picture Alice had drew, the room was in fact full of mirrors. A vibration had erupted her thoughts, Ana picked up her phone.

Jasper: What are you talking about?! Where are you?! 

Ana ignored the message and then came another. 

Jasper: Ana answer me or so help me god..

"Ana! Over here!" Bella yelled, but just as Ana was about to run after Bella a hand wrapped itself around her mouth and waist. The brunette's eyes widened in fear as she tried to yank the freezing hands from her mouth. "Stop squirming or Bella gets it."

Anastasia froze for a moment or two, she already knew they were going to be killed here but why not buy some extra time. She nodded her head as salty tears streamed down her cheeks. Within seconds James had moved Ana up to a corner of the room where all the mirrors reflected the two. 

"'To what did I owe to meet such a person as you, a kind and loving person.'" James recited the text message with a smirk. Ana closed her eyes and let her thoughts wander off to how her last year had been spent. 

Though only four things sprung to mind; Bella, Jasper, Paul and her running away with Rowen. "Let her go!" Bella cried, the desperation in her voice brought Ana back to reality. Anastasia gulped before slamming her head back and head butting James whilst kicking him in the shins.

Ana ran towards Bella and grabbed her hand, the two sprinted towards the door though James stood in the way. He no longer held his smirk, but instead he held a glare. He threw his arm forward and grabbed Ana by the neck, lifting her off the ground as he did so.

"Ana, Ana, Ana. Were you taught no manners?" He asked mockingly as he shoved Bella aside for the time being. "Or did mommy and daddy die before they could?" Ana's eyes flared with anger. She grabbed both of his hands and squeezed down, James cocked his head to the side with a sadistic grin on his cheeks. 

"You have quite the grip there, Anastasia. Maybe I'd have let go if I were human, but since you're human, you're going to die." Tears sprung in her eyes as she was dropped to the ground, her head hitting of the cold floor. Despite the fact the fall didn't hurt, she had shed blood. After all, she was only human and was bound to bleed when she fell down.

 James bent down and slowly started to drain her system. With every moment passing by Ana could feel the life being sucked out of her, though what she didn't notice was Bella creeping up behind the two with a piece of snapped wood.


Ana shot forward in panic, sounds of yells and pleads were heard. Her eyes darted around the room to find that she was still in the ballet studio. Though there were more people and a lot of destruction. Bella was lying on the ground with Carlisle, Edward and Alice surrounding her. Jasper and Emmett on top of someone who she could only guess as James.

"Bella!" Ana yelled as she scrambled up to her feet. The sudden outburst caused everyone to look her way. "What - What happened?!" She cried as she reached the motionless body of her best friend.

"Ana." Jasper whispered as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Though she thought the gesture was sweet she ignored it and placed her attention solely on Bella. "I'll take it all away, Bella." Edward whispered before he pulled her wrist up to his lips.

"No!" Ana cried as she tried to stop Edward, only to find Jasper held his grip firm. Anastasia fought the grip but to her dismay, Jasper was stronger. "Jasper, let me go!" Anastasia cried as she watched the scene unfold.

"Edward, stop. You're killing her." Carlisle said as he placed a hand on his adoptive son's shoulder. Edward didn't stop. So the only thing Ana thought she could do to bring him out of the frenzy was scream. 

She sucked in a deep breath and let out a blood curdling scream, though the scream wasn't just a scream one would hear when someone was being murdered. The scream was one of heartbreak and anger. The sound echoed of all the walls, crashing into the glass causing shards to fall out of place. 

The entire clan covered their ears, including Edward. Ana grinned, her plan had worked. Though what she didn't want to happen, was Bella to fall unconscious.

"Good luck Jasper, she's got a real loud scream." Emmett mocked and shot a wink at the blonde.

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