The Sparrow's: one of the wealthiest families in Tisdale, Italy. Consists of: Jaquelle Sparrow (the mother), Keegan Sparrow (the father), and Isabella Sparrow (the only daughter and only child)

The Volturi's: one of the wealthiest families in Tisdale, Italy. Consists of: Marissa Volturi (the mother), Gaius (pronounced guy-us) Volturi (the father), Aro Volturi (the eldest triplet), Marcus Volturi (the middle triplet), and Caius Volturi (the youngest triplet).

It was on Isabella's fifteenth birthday when she first met Marcus. They fell almost instantly in love. After four years of courting (a.k.a. dating), Marcus proposed. Six months later, they were married, and another six months, tradgedy fell. Marcus and his two brothers disappeared. Thought to be taken by wild animals, for all that was found was some blood, everyone moved on. Everyone except Isabella and Volturi's and the Sparrow's. They refused to think that they were dead, for they could take on wild animals by themselves. Isabella had a different reason to believe that they were not dead. She and Marcus had a special connection that linked them and could tell when the other was in danger. She hadn't known about it at first, only feeling some twinges of pain if Marcus was hurt or in danger, and didn't connect the dots. The more she thought about it, however, the more it made sense. She researched it and found that they had the "legame di anime gemelle"; which roughly translated to the "Bond of Soul Mates". Unfortunately, she could only feel that Marcus was still alive, nothing more. So, soon both sets of parents died of heartbreak and stress, leaving Isabella alone. That resulted in Isabella becoming a vampire. She found out her powers, due to her creator. She was a seductress, a mental and physical shield, and a copier (copying other species powers). She killed her creator after he tried to kill her and traveled the world, not going to Italy due to bad memories. But, when she was with a coven in the U.S., she heard about the new rulers of her kind. Last name? Volturi. Shocked to find out that her beloved Marcus and his brothers, Aro and Caius, were still alive, but yet not surprised, she finally made her way to Italy.

What will happen after Marcus and Isabella meet again? Will their lost love be rekindled? Or will it go up in flames and die?

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