Draco Malfoy x shy!hufflepuff!reader

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Heya! Sorry in advance for all the time skips in this one, haha. 

AND I understand that if your version of Draco Malfoy doesn't match mine in this story, you feel like saying it, but I imagine Draco being actually nice n' all. This is my 'version' of him. If you can't say your things in a nice way, please don't say it at all.

Of course I want to know your opinions on this. I'm not saying that you should shut up or anything. But hate is not acceptable. 

Sorry for the rant!


Being a shy girl with a lot to say is very hard. Y/N would know. She didn't raise her hand in class if she didn't have to, she often stayed the whole day silent. She did have a lot to say, but too afraid to say anything. 

It really didn't help at all that she had a small, teeny-tiny crush on a certain Draco Malfoy. Okay, a big crush actually. She wasn't sure how, though. They had never talked or had any contact at all. She hoped that it was just a pathetic schoolgirl crush.

"Ms. L/N. Could you answer the question?" she heard Snape snarl. Y/N froze.

"Umm, w-what question...?" she asked, close to a whisper. She heard a few of the Slytherins in her class snicker. She felt her face turn red and she shrunk in her seat. 

"Five points from Hufflepuff." Snape muttered. "Mr. Malfoy, could you answer the question for Ms. Y/N, please?" 

"Moondew, sir." Draco answered for Y/N. Y/N felt shameful and embarrassed. 

"Thank you, Mr. Malfoy." Snape said. The rest of the class went on normally. Y/N tried to copy the instruction on the board. Potions were never her best subject. 

Y/N added the Graphorn horn in her potion, which started to bubble. Y/N knew that wasn't supposed to happen. She stepped a few steps back. The cauldron started to shake. Everyone noticed this and stopped what they were doing. Snape quickly walked over to her.

"What did you do?" he asked, staring at the cauldron, which was now shaking violently and the potion inside bubbling and sparking.

"I-I added the Graphorn horn..." Y/N muttered quietly. 

"Did you add the Doxy egg before it?" Snape asked her. Y/N shook her head. Of course she didn't. Perfect.

The cauldron was getting red at the bottom, seeming to get very hot. Snape guided everyone to stand back in fear of the cauldron exploding. Y/N stood petrified. How could such a small mistake make such a big thing. 

Snape took out his wand, pointing it at the shaking cauldron. As he was thinking of a spell to calm the potion down, the cauldron suddenly exploded. Some of the girls in the class screamed. Y/n flinched as some of the potion landed on her cheek. It didn't burn or anything like that, weirdly, it felt cold against her skin. 

The explosion wasn't big or loud. Just surprising. Snape groaned and flicked some of the potion from his robe. He turned to Y/N.

"Fifty. Points. From. Hufflepuff. Class dismissed." he snarled. Other hufflepuff's groaned and said things like: 'thanks, L/N' and 'way to go', while some of the Slytherins giggled and stared at her.  Y/N packed her stuff, but she didn't leave. She knew that Snape wanted to talk to her. 

When everyone had left Snape turned to Y/N. 

"I am assigning someone to assist you with your work." he said. "You'll have to study with him regularly, in hopes of raising your grade. Or at least in hopes of you learning something." Y/N lifted her head.

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