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The flashes of the paparazzi's cameras blind me as I try to walk to my new apartment. Every since I won the Hunger Games a few weeks ago they have been everywhere I go. It's crazy. Thankfully, my apartment building has lots of other winners who end up staying in the Capitol.

"Excuse me." I push my way through the crowd to get to the front door.

I push myself into the lobby and lean against the glass door.

"Panem still crazy for you?" A voice asks.

I look over to see Finnick getting his mail.

"Yeah, it's been a bit hectic. When did they back off you?" I ask, walking over closer to him.

"Ahh, I would say until the next winner of the games. I still get some random crazy days." Finnick chuckles.

"Wait, you mean I'll have like a year of this?" I ask.

Finnick nods a slight smile on his face.

"Well isn't that lovely." I shake my head and laugh.

"Yeah, wanna come up and have dinner? It might help take a load off, you look exhausted."

I think for a second. Should I? Why not.

"Yeah, that actually sounds great."

We go up to his apartment and I can already smell food.

"Mmm what is that?" I ask. 

Finnick leans forward and opens the oven door so I can get a peek.

"Pizza." He grins.

"Perfect." I grin.

Finnick and I continue to talk about all sorts of things while we wait for the food to be ready. Past life. Home. Friends. Family. The basics on pretty much everything.

"So, how traumatized are you?" Finnick asks before taking a bit into his pizza. 

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well, how bad was it for you. Are you one of those people who is happy about the glory, forgets what happened?" He questions.

"Not in the slightest." I get goosebumps just thinking about my games.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to pry. I was just wondering." Finnick places a hand on my arm.

"No it's okay, I get where you're coming from. My neighbor won like a decade ago and he still loves to talk about how 'amazing' he was." I shake my head.

"I don't understand people like that." Finnick takes both of our plates and disappears into the kitchen. 

Finnick comes back with cake. I only get a few bites in before I start to wonder how long I've been here. 

"Finn, what time is it?" I ask.

Finnick smiles at the new nickname I have for him. 

"11:00" He answers.

"I should probably head home." I stand up and walk to the door and grab my coat. 

"Mm, are you sure you don't want to stay?" Finnick stands and comes closer, he takes my hand in his lovingly. 

"As much fun as that would be, I think I should go. We should most definitely do this again sometime." I pull Finnick in for a hug. 

"Goodnight." I whisper in his ear. 

I pull on the handle of his front door. 

"Night." He calls back. 

The door shuts firmly behind me. 

"What a night." I whisper to myself. 

This boy is going to be the death of me. I haven't gotten butterflies in my stomach in so long. He just understands and he's so sweet. The way his blue eyes study me gives me goosebumps. I want to see him again. 

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