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36 | "You suck."

Logan had been nothing but indecisive the past three days. She constantly came back to one question, because what if Luke didn't like her idea? After considering a few things, she practically gave up and sighed.

It had also been a big thing to hide the entire party thing from Luke. All of the scripts he had to read and confirm were done and so he had a few days off before starting a new project. This meant that he was at home most of the time and had been asking Logan about everything. He told her she was being secretive and shady, but she would tell him there was a friendship-anniversary coming up for her and Clarice.

It took some time to convince Luke, but he eventually took the lie and stopped asking about it. It was stressful, because Logan only had one day left to arrange a few things and it was taking its toll. She eventually called Calum, mainly because Clarice wasn't able to keep her mouth shut and Calum exactly knew what Luke liked and what not.

Eventually, Calum and Logan came to the conclusion to throw a party where Luke's closest friends and family would be, and that they could go to a club later on with the remaining people.

And now, with Luke still asleep on his own birthday, she arranged the last few things with Calum such as balloons and invitations.

"Yeah, okay." Logan answered once Calum told her to take Luke to the club at around eight, so he would have enough time to get the music, balloons and everything else ready, and Logan would have nothing to worry about. "I owe you one Cal, thank you so much for taking care of everything."

Calum chuckled, "It's nothing Logan, my pleasure. I know how much Luke means to you and how much you mean to him."

"He does," Logan mumbled, feeling how she started to smile at the mention of Luke's feelings for her, "Hey listen, I have to wake him up now, I'll see you later okay? Once again, thank you for everything."

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