The Tarin Men Part 1

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Kallen's POV...

I stood there staring at the house in front of me as I stood just outside the wrought iron gate that looked like it had not been opened in decades. The only thing holding it up were the posts beside it. There wasn't any fence to mention. Just overgrown shrubs that looked like they had seen better days.

The grass that surrounded the ramshackle old house was nearly waist high in some places. I can see that the windows, although unbroken, had not been opened in many a year and the cobwebs and spiders I could see that lived around and over them proved it.

Then my eyes wandered to the poles that were holding up the verandah's roof that crossed the front and side of the house from what I can see despite them to being covered in spiders and webs, they looked to be very solid. I looked down at the gate in front of me and prayed that if I could open this gate, there wouldn't be anything under foot that could possibly bite or scratch me as I would make my way to that front door.

The very old and paint peeling filthy front door. I looked at it and noticed how old it looked. But it did look solid I was thinking. And I was hoping.

At first, when I saw what key I held in my hand, I shivered in shock. The key itself told me much about the place I haven't yet seen. The place I was about to make my home in. It was old and it was very rusty. But it was worn down in places in the hand grip part of it.

The only thing I found interesting about it was the old and tatty pale blue ribbon that was tied into the loop of its handle. I continued to feel shudders running up and down my spine as I glanced at each of those doors and windows that I could see from where I was standing. All of which were covered with either webs, spiders and even wasp nests in many places.

I could feel the key biting into my hand where I was gripping it for dear life.

When we were told that we would be sent west to become brides to those who live out in the west, I didn't know what to think. I wondered how my family could do this to me? I knew that we have not gotten on as families should. But to be told that I was going to a bridal auction was ridiculous. Not in this day and age. But they, my family took everything from me. I only had one small bag of clothes that I was allowed to bring and a couple of personal items if they deemed fit that I could keep them.

They were only old and ratty things like my grandmother's green Bible that she left me before she died and her old carving knife which I had some wire wrapped around the handle to keep it together. Both of these things I treasured dearly and they were not going to take them from me. But I managed it. I kept them. Then I turned and walked away from them and climbed into the car that had pulled up out the front that had come for me. But that was days ago. Now I am here shuddering at what I would find inside this old and worn farmhouse that looked to be at least one hundred and fifty years old.

I gulped when I lifted my hands and rested them on the gate in front of me. I will admit I was tired. I had been dropped off up the lane a bit and had to walk the rest of the way.

" Just keep to the lane and you'll be fine. It's the only house you come to." I was told when I slowly and fearfully climbed out and stood there watching as the truck drove off down the road to deliver the next girl to her new home.

What determined who got us was the key we pulled out of the bag. There were only twelve of us and there were twelve keys in the bag. I wondered at first how it was going to be done where we got to select a key in any particular order. But when I saw the other girls all run for the bag and fight over the keys that were in it, I just stepped myself back from them all and waited until they were finished.

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