Chapter 6

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We all know how unpredictable and imaginative children are. Belle was, luckily for her, no exception. How she got the idea she did is beyond anyone's understanding, but it's safe to assume cartoons played a big role in it.

The bangs became louder with each passing moment, and Belle's small brain worked hard, trying to think of a way out of certain death.

She could hear the creature take loud breaths and growl upon banging at the door. The door was made of wood, and she could already see it bend in the middle, white pains parting to reveal the cheap bright wood inside.

The hinges were still holding, but just barely.

Belle was nowhere near tall enough to climb over the stall, and she couldn't crawl under it because the slits were barely a centimeter wide.

The only thing besides her in the stall was a toilet.

And that's when a wild idea jumped into her mind, just as one of the three hinges gave out, and the creature let out a victorious scream.

Belle's ears rang out at the intensity. It sounded like a feeding call, a high-pitched sound that sent tears down Belle's face.

Oh, how she wished she was back in the room of dead cats.

Belle decided there was no time left for thinking, so she carried on with her wild, dangerous and unlikely-to-work idea.

She stepped into the toiled.

First one foot, then another foot.

And then she pressed the lever.

The usual sound was heard, and if there was someone in the stall next to Bella's, they wouldn't suspect a thing.

But Belle could feel the pressure on her feet, as the toilet started sucking her in. She slapped her hand across her mouth to keep her from screaming in fear.

Her ankles bumped against the toiled painfully as she felt like it would suck her legs right off. The pressure, along with the pain, intensified, and Belle was sure she was going to scream until suddenly, she got unstuck.

The pressure increased while the pain subdued, and the toilet managed to pull the rest of her body inside. This time, Belle took a deep breath, and the cold toilet water washed over her face moments after, as soon as she heard the door give out and the enraged creature's screams echo around the toilet.

And then the world went blank.


Belle woke up with a start, panicking as events from before flooded her mind. She propped herself onto her elbows in the lying position as her eyes scanned her surroundings.

She was in some kind of room with white padded walls. It reminded Belle of a hospital.

She was lying on a white bed with an old, cheap-looking mattress on top.

She was confused, but not as much as before- she got used to waking up in strange places by now.

The girl stood up carefully and inspected the room she was in. At first, she thought there was no door, but after further inspection she found it, although there appeared to be no doorknom on the inside.

There was a small, glass circle just outside of her reach that she would probably be able to look through, had she been older, and therefore taller.

She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing a white nightgown and was barefoot. But her feet and hands were squeaky clean.

She remembered getting flushed down the toilet, but nothing after that.

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