Chapter 1

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Lovely cover by Alexa, randomsweetstuff ❤️ Thank you so much, hon.

Added note on March 22, 2018: RAGE IS A FEMALE, PEOPLE! Sorry for the caps, I just see soooo many comments of people thinking she is a guy.



I ignored whoever called my name and continued looking through the fence at the bus across the street. It was carrying the newbies that would be entering and I smiled, happy for new pawns to play with.

As they unloaded, I gripped the fence tightly, thinking about my prison sentence. I would be out of here in a week. In seven fucking days, my ass would be one with those filthy seats, driving off into the real world.

A world I hadn't seen since I was eighteen. Ten years. Every birthday spent since then was spent climbing my way up until I was one of the most powerful females in prison. It came with a price, of course.

My hands had blood on them that could never be scrubbed away, my body peppered with scars that would never disappear, externally and internally...


I gritted my teeth and tore my eyes away from the transportation that held my freedom and turned to see who was calling my name.

"What!" I shouted, scanning the lot to pinpoint the person. My hazel eyes landed on a female guard who was waving her hands to get my attention.

"You have a visitor!" She shouted and I perked up. A visitor? They usually didn't let prisoners who were this close to leaving have visitor privileges. Scaling the lot, I made it over to the guard, whose name was Jace, and I held my hands behind my back, letting her cuff me before she led me to the visitor section of the prison.

As we entered, I noticed that there were more people than usual, but my eyes went directly to the woman sitting behind an empty booth. My heart stuttered a bit, taking in her light brown hair with dyed blonde tips, smooth skin tanned from hours in the sun, those bright baby blues that were staring in my direction, and her bright smile.

My girlfriend. She had been loyal to me since I landed in this hellhole, always visiting whenever I had visitation rights, which was once or twice a week, depending on my behavior.

"Are you going to take the cuffs off?" I asked impatiently, looking over my shoulder at Jace.

"Don't push it, Rage." She warned, but I just rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to my girl. I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face when I finally sat down in front of her after Jace took the cuffs off. Though a glass separated us, I never felt closer to her than I did right then.

"Willow." I breathed out, loving the way her eyes lit up at the sound of my voice.


"Rage." I corrected her almost immediately, glancing around to make sure no one heard her. No one here, besides the guards and the warden, knew my real name, and that was how I liked it.

I got the nickname "Rage" because of my apparent anger problems. At least that's what I was told. I didn't think I had anger problems.

She sighed and gave me a look. "You know I don't like calling you that." Willow said, tucking her hair behind her ear. I shrugged.

"You've been saying that for almost ten years, baby. You know my rep here." I said, leaning my head to the side as I took in her body. She looked a bit thicker than usual, but I just attributed it to the length of time I went without seeing her because of a fight I had gotten into. Willow shifted in her seat and leaned forward, tucking her hands under her chin.

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