Chapter 18

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Narrator's Pov

Darkness.The only thing you could see right that moment.You opened slightly your eyes to find tears falling on your face.But they didn't belong to you.You found yourself in the arms of a strong person crying on top of you.Able to recognise the holder you looked up to see green eyes.

"Y/N,p-please w-wake up.I-I love y-you so much"He whispered and you chuckled a little sending the attention from above you to you.His eyes widened and he hugged you tightly, gripping you close to him.He cried in the crook of your neck.

"Do you really think that you can get rid of me so easily kitty?"You asked, your voice raspy.You had remembered that you had been akumatised forcefully.While you were akumatised,you had tried to stop yourself but your body wouldn't listen.

You pulled back from the embrace and whipped away Chat's tears.He smiled softly your way and you could feel the erg to cry yourself.You hugged him tightly,trying to forget what you had just been through.

You then thought of something."Chat?"


"How did you catch me?"

He sighed and looked at you through half lidded puffy eyes."Well,I didn't really catch you"

Chat Noir Pov


"Y/N"I screamed as she fell down the void.Me and Ladybug jumped down trying to reach her.Tears started running down my face.I couldn't loose her.Not again.

I tried to fall deeper into the air but Y/N was to far off.I tried to extend my way to her but...I was to late.I ran to her and picked up her bloody body,shaking widely.I quickly checked her breathing, her heart beat but nothing.

"Y/N?C-Can you hear m-me?P-Please d-d-don't play jokes w-with me,w-wake up.I-I beg you p-please.I can't loose you again"I stated hugging her body close to mine.Ladybug was watching the scene in front of her with also tears in her eyes.Then,her eyes widened.

"Lucky Charm!"She blurted out and I looked up at her."I-I didn't use it.I think we can still save her"She said and ran off,leaving me with Y/N.

I stayed there.Not moving.Just looking down at Y/N."I failed you"I whispered softly sobbing quietly.

As I was crying, a wave of ladybugs past Y/N's body,making me look with hope at her.It flew to the air and Ladybug came running to me.I stared down at my lover,hoping for a single sign of life.

"There is no hope.S-She's she's g-gone"I cried  out."Y/N,p-please w-wake up.I-I love y-you so much"I whispered and she woke up.

End of  Flashback

"Oh my"She said and closed her eyes for a minute.She opened them once more and looked at me with a tired expression."I-I feel d-dizzy"She said and my eyes widened.Ladybug worried said to me"Quickly,get her to the hospital"Saying that we ran to the nearest hospital while I was holding Y/N.

She past out and tears started occupying my vision once more.I started running faster,my legs hurting in the process. I didn't care though.

I pushed with my foot the glass doors and everyone stared at us.I just ran to the lobby lady as Ladybug was dealing with questions.

"Pl-please help me m-miss.She needs h-help"I pleaded and she instantly called doctors to come our way.They took Y/N out of my arms and placed her on a bed with weals,rolling her to the operating room.

I sat down next to Ladybug,feeling nauseous.I had never seen anyone all bloody and seriously hurt.And the worst part was that it was Y/N from all people.Ladybug looked straight at me and she looked worried.

"Chat?Are you ok?You look pale."Ladybug stated and my eyes widened slightly."I-I am?"I asked feeling dizzy.Then suddenly everything went black as I heard Ladybug's voice,calling for help.

~Two hours later~

I woke up getting up,from a hospital bed?I looked around to see a nurse holding a notepad."Oh good you're awake.Do you want me to call Ladybug?"She asked and I shook my head."No it's ok-Wait, where is Y/N???"I asked as I finally remembered what happened.

"She's in the other room resting.Do not worry she is completely-"I got up and started running to her room.

"Sir y-you need to rest!"She said while trying to catch up to me.Because I was faster, I got first to the door and opened it slightly.

There stood Ladybug,next to a giggling Y/N.Tears ran down my face and I ran to her hugging her sideways.Ladybug looked at us lovingly."I'll...leave you two alone"She said walking out and closing the door behind her.

"Thank god you're alright"I said hugging her tighter and she tried to hug back"Can't...breathe" She said and I quickly let go with wide eyes."I'm sorry,it's just, I am so happy that you are ok"I said and she smiled sweetly. Ahhh that smile will never get old.

"Oh Chat. I'm glad to"She giggled and my smile started to fade.She looked at me weirdly."You, are not happy that I'm ok?"She asked and I shook my head swiftly."Of course I am it's just..."I hesitated. Was it time?

"What is it?"She asked obviously curious. I sighed and took a hold of her hands kissing them softly."Princess,I think it's time for you to know my secret identity." I stated and her eyes widened.

"You don't have to if you don't want to"She said and I smiled at her sweetness.I took a deep breath and smiled a bright smile."Of course I have to"I said and I placed my fingers on my ring hesitant.

I sighed"Plagg...Claws in"I whispered and a green light filled the room. I looked at Y/N which she had closed her eyes.I took a hold of her hands and pulled them away from her. She looked at me and blushed madly,a shocked expression plastered on her face.

I looked worriedly at her but before I could ask her if she was ok,she pounced on me and gave me a huge hug."It was you all along?How did I not notice?The hair,the eyes,the height.Everything is the same!?!?!?!"She stated and I laughed.

"Well,we use magic,otherwise, everyone will find out"Plagg said and Y/N looked at him weirdly.

"Before you scream let me tell you-"" that like,the genie in the lamp?"She asked and my jaw fell.

"That's exactly what I said when I first saw Plagg!"I stated and we both laughed. Plagg rolled his eyes."Oh no,another Adrien"He said,I rolled my eyes and Y/N took a hold of Plagg in her palms.

"Plagg huh?What a cute name,for a cute little creature like you"She cooed Plagg,petting him a little.Plagg purred and I snorted at his reaction.

"What do you like to eat Plagg?"Y/N asked him."I like all cheese but man I loooove camembert"He said making me chuckle.Y/N's eyes shined.

"I love camembert to! We'll be good friends Plagg"She said and Plagg looked at me seriously."Kid, you need to marry her"He said and then we both laughed. Plagg then flew away and I sat on Y/N's bed, scooting next to her.

"I love you purrincess"I purred. She looked at me lovingly."I love you to, my night in shinning leather"We then kissed, ending this adventurous day with the most passionate way possible.

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