Chapter One: The Return

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"Aries from Class Three A, please come to the headmaster's office. I repeat-"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard ya the first time!" I yelled at the speaker like an idiot, knowing that it would continue anyway.

"Relax, 'Ries. I'm pretty sure it's nothing bad," Leo assured, relaxing on his chair. He had blond hair and blue eyes, almost silver. I scratched my red hair with frustration, then headed out into the busy hallways of Elliptica.

It was the first day of third year high school at Elliptica High, and first days here are always days when you get to catch up on your friends and relax. In other words, a free day. Not for me though. I had to show around the new students.

I didn't get along with any of them. Actually, I didn't get along with anyone but Leo. Everyone else seemed to be either afraid of me, or intimidated. They say I always "explode" too much, but I gotta agree that I am too short-tempered. Leo is quite a lot more like me, except that people ACTUALLY like him. He's a lot cooler, or hotter.

I knocked on the office door to the office and opened it.
As expected, I saw the headmaster on his seat and an unfamiliar student. The headmaster was an old man with graying hair and a wrinkled face, he had black eyes that glared daggers all the time.

"Aries, this is Pisces. I need you to-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Show her around," I cut him off, finishing his sentence. He glared at me, although I was too accustomed to this to be scared. Plus, I'm quite brave.

Pisces had long, purple hair and purple eyes. She looked really young, about twelve.

"Hello," Pisces said quietly. I just nodded and waved briefly.

"Aries," I looked at the headmaster, "Behave."

"Yeah, sure, sure. Come on, Pisces," I said then left the office. Pisces trailed after me. We walked along the hallways, I was pointing and labeling doors and sometimes, entered them.

"Pisces, how old are you?" I asked along the way.
"Fourteen," She answered. Then she looked at me, as if expecting an answer from me too.
"I'm fifteen. Actually, I thought you were twelve or something," I replied, and for some reason, that made her giggle.
"Did I say anything funny?" I asked, a bit annoyed.
"No, no. It's just that I thought you were thirteen," Pisces said, giggling a bit more.
"I hated that year of my life," I said seriously. We both stopped, an awkward silence overcoming the air.
Way to make things awkward, Aries.

It was true anyways, I met Capricorn at the age of thirteen. He was probably the most annoying person I've ever met, he's always correcting me and being a living dictionary. Then, when I try to speak to him, he doesn't even bother looking at me!

But at the age of thirteen, I also met Aquarius. She's so sweet and kind
... Well, maybe a bit emotionless. But she didn't seem to be bothered by my personality.

The silence was already getting to me and I was craving conversation.
"I like your eyes," I said, awkwardly.
"Oh, uhm, your eyes are cool too," she replied. Well that's ironic, people say my eyes are more fiery. My eyes were red. Okay, that was just probably a conversation starter, nothing serious.

"Uhm," she started, "Are you okay? You look... Worried?"

I wasn't, but whatever she saw, I probably looked really worried. She reach out to touch my shoulder but I grabbed her wrist in reflex. I didn't want anyone touching me if they weren't a close friend or relative.
"I'm sorry, you just looked-"

She stopped, whimpering at the glare I gave her.
"P-please let go of me! Aries, you're hurting me!" She yelled, pulling away her hand. I let go, shocked at my action.

I stared at her now burnt hand. She looked at me with scared eyes, then she ran. She ran to the doors that lead to the courtyard. Instinct told me to follow, and so I did.

"Pisces, wait, I'm sorry," I panted when I caught up. Pisces was facing the fountain, her hand was dipped in the water.

"Pisces, w-we need to get you to the Infirmary!" I said, panicked. Deja Vu seemed to happen when I said that. I pushed away a memory that used to haunt me for years.

"I'm fine, I swear," She said, turning to me with a smile. She held her burnt hand... Or healed? It looked as though it wasn't even touched by a weirdo like me.

"Y-you..." I trailed off. I probably looked dumb.

"How about this, I won't tell anyone about you and you won't tell anyone about me," Pisces said.

"No one will believe me if I told them, but I make no promises," I said, almost apologetically.

Pisces sighed and nodded. She smiled once again and then left, to probably go to her assigned dorm room.

I glanced at my palms...

They're back.

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