Chapter One - The First Gift

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Chapter one - The First Gift

"It's lovely Aunt Liz." I say admirably, studying the fine piece of jewelry. "Thank you so much, I hope you do not feel obligated to purchase me such fine gifts every time I age."

As I wave my finger at her she smiles and tosses her perfectly straightened hair around her shoulder. "Only the best for my lovely niece." she replies. "It's not actually purchased though."

I smile back and stare at the necklace as she continues.

"It's something I've managed to get my hands on in the last decade or so and would love to pass it on to you. Along with many other gifts."

Just as I am about to tell her she didn't have to be so kind my father interrupts.

"Liz, that's enough." My father says as clear as he can in front of me. It's pretty obvious that his message has two different meanings. "Don't you think she is to young to receive such a delicate jewel?"

"Oh please Howard." Aunt Liz scoffs, blowing on her tea for the fourth time since we had sat down. "Just as I am coming of age Chantelle here is as well. She's 15, clearly old enough to posses the jewel and the price it comes with." My father glances at me, now with a worried expression upon his face. Aunt Liz looks the opposite of dad. she's clearly excited to be giving the necklace to me and troubled that dad won't let me keep it.

"Please dad, I'll except Aunt Liz's gift." I tell him. "I won't loose it and I'll only ever ware it on special occasions."

As dad is at a loss for words, Aunt Liz looks content with that answer; blowing on her tea once more.

Does she not know how to bring the cup to her mouth and simply swallow the tea? Such a small thing as this, I know shouldn't bother me, but honestly it's becoming rude.

"No." my father says sternly, I look up from my aunt and am now starring at my dad in confusion. "You can't except any more gifts from Liz." Dad says to me.

I'm about to question him but I was abruptly pushed back down into my chair. Being as dainty as I am I wasn't fast enough to grasp Dads hold on the necklace as he roughly pulled it from my hands.

I screamed loudly at the sharp pull that brought blood to my palms. Seeing the blood made me cry harder and now my father and Aunt Liz were arguing. Being that I had no immune system back then I had fainted because of the pain and the blood that I was so very scared of.

That birthday had turned around to be the worst one I had had since my mother had passed.


Two years after that birthday my life crumbled around me. I watched it go by awfully without remorse.

My Aunts family died almost a week after she did and my father celebrated. But with her death brought the gift my father hated. That lovely necklace appeared in the mail one morning and my father almost about threw a temper tantrum.

Then much more gifts than I had been able to count came also by mail. All attached to the same note and person.

The note always said: to Chantelle, with best intentions.

But dad didn't think that the gifts had the 'best intentions' and he piled them all up on a beach and we had a fire with the gifts my aunt had sent.

Everything from diamonds to passports to Fiji!!

That fire burned the gifts and dad thought he had been so clever. I thought he was being rude and taking actions that were uncalled for.

The main event that brought my life crumbling around me was when my father died in a fire the night after burning Aunt Liz's mysterious gifts.

The police found only one item in the remains of the fire. The necklace with a note that said: to Chantelle with best intentions.

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