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Life at the prison just got way worse for both Mitch, and Scott of you wanted to include him. For one, Match started having PTSD from the night of his "kidnapping" and most of the time he would wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, both scaring him, Kevin and the others in the cells around him. He would mostly need the comfort of Kevin to calm him down, but this night was different.

Mitch sat in the corner, his knees tucked into his chest as he rocked back and forth. His hands covered his ears as he cried and screamed loudly, making his throat even worse than it was. Kevin was on his knees, attempting to soothe the boy with calming words. Mitch's cries alerted the attention of the other inmates causing them to complain loudly. 

Once enough complaints went around, the lights in the prison turned on and many police guards entered the hallways, running their batons across the cell bars until a few of them came across Mitch and Kevin's cell. 

"Olusola, what the hell is going on?" One yelled. 

Mitch felt Kevin leave and he wished for Kevin's embrace once again since he had started to calm down. He heard disoriented yelling and he attempted to stand up, his casted leg making him fall to his knees and land on his hands. "K-Kevin." He croaked, his voice nearly gone from all his screaming. 

Kevin turned and noticed Mitch on the ground, rushing over to pull Mitch into his arms and lift him in the air. He set Mitch on the bed and he walked back to the guards in front of the cell, ushering them away. He sat beside Mitch on the bed and he rubbed the brunette's back, calming him down. "You have a court hearing tomorrow, Munchie. Do you think you're going to be able to do it?" Kevin asked, his other hand rubbed circles into the bandages that laid across Mitch's neck. 

"Yea.. I'll be fine." Mitch mouthed before laying on his side, Kevin crawling behind him and tangling their legs together. 

"Alright then. Try to get as much sleep as possible." Kevin said and his arm wrapped around Mitch's waist, holding him tightly as he tucked his face into the back of Mitch's neck. 

Mitch's heart fluttered at the contact, scooting back into the touch, his hand placed on the top of Kevin's. He felt Kevin spread his fingers so he placed his own between Kevin's and the two linked their hands. Small kisses were placed on the back of Mitch's neck making him giggle and squirm. Kevin kissed Mitch's neck once more before relaxing and allowing Mitch to shift into the position he was comfortable in. 

"Goodnight, sweetheart." Kevin mumbled, glad Mitch was already asleep by the time the words escaped his mouth. He noticed a smile tugged at Mitch's lips and his grip tightened on Mitch's fingers before he let out a sigh and pressed a kiss to Mitch's shoulder before laying his head down. 


"Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi, Inmate Number 3810. All rise." A guard spoke as he entered the courtroom, holding the door open for Mitch who slowly walked to his side of the room and stood beside a lawyer who was assigned to him, setting his crutches down on the table and allowing the lawyer to snap handcuffs on him. 

Mitch took the time to look behind him, one side of the room has Kevin, Kirstie, Jeremy and other inmates that had been on his side sitting in the far corner, being watching by three guards. He turned his head to the other side, seeing most of his family sitting behind him. He met eyes with his mother who quickly lowered her head. Mitch's heart dropped and he turned back around, sitting down when he was told to. 

He listened to the judge talk to everyone in the room and he stood back up, having to balance on one leg. 

"Mitchell Grassi, when did you first meet Scott Hoying?" 

"Right to it." Mitch thought before lifting his head. "He came to my house one night though I didn't know it was him." 

"Please clarify." 

"A stranger came to my house in the middle of the night. I was too blind to see that he was an escapee and I let him in my house. I let him take a shower, I fed him and I let him live with me." 

"When did Scott Hoying tell you about himself?" 

"Objection." Mitch flinched when he heard his lawyer's booming voice. 

"When did you find out about Scott Hoying and who he really is?" The judge repeated. 

"I never knew. All I knew about him was that he was a criminal and he was the most wanted. I didn't know what he had done that led him up to the point." Mitch let out a small squeak at the end of his sentence, clarifying he was straining his voice too much. 

The policeman by the door walked over, handing Mitch his medicine and a full bottle of water. Mitch thanked him silently, taking the liquid medicine and washing it down. The next words that escaped the judge's mouth made Mitch freeze. 

"Scott Richard Hoying, Inmate Number 3811. All rise." Mitch looked behind him to see that Scott's family had stood up, and by the looks of it, not many people stood up. He turned his head towards the door and saw Scott being wheeled into the room. He was strapped on a dolly and had a mask over his face. He was wheeled to the other side of the room, and situated beside his lawyer who looked terrified to even be next to Scott. 

Mitch took in a shaky breath and everyone was ordered to sit down besides Scott and his lawyer. He kept his head down and he closed his eyes when Scott was being spoken to. 


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