Chapter Sixteen|| Wow, I Really am a Whore

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Nick on top😅 just with blonde hair

Chapter Sixteen|| Wow, I Really am a Whore


"You need to keep her out of your business, Sam!" Coen yelled as I carelessly flipped through the pages of an old magazine.

"Is this the only entertainment you have here?"

Coen slapped it out of my hand. "If you don't keep her under control I will kill her," Coen growled, and this really caught my attention.

"You're not going to lay a damn finger on her," I spat back

Coen raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "I killed my own grandmother to inherit her fortune faster, I'd kill your girl in a heart beat."

I stood up and pushed him. "She's not my girl, she has nothing to do with me. I don't give one single fuck about her."

God knows that's not true.

"So why is she always trailing behind you like a lost puppy?" He asked, he looked amused at this particular situation.

"I don't fucking know, she has no friends, she follows me around." I shrugged, hoping the lie would be somewhat believable.

"I'm not stupid, Samuel, I see the way you look at her," he deadpanned with a small smirk on his face.

"Might as well be blind," I spat, which made him narrow his eyes.

"Don't use that shitty tone on me, if you think you're such a fucking big shit, then prove to me that you have nothing to do with her," he growled.

I nodded my head and walked out of his office and straight to my car, once home, I locked the window from my room, hoping Sawyer would get memo.

She didn't.

"Hey, what's the big deal, asswipe? Open the damn window, it's starting to rain."

I walked over and her face brightened, and just as she thought I was about to unlock the window, I closed my curtains.

She still didn't give a single flying fuck.

She walked through the door, soaking wet, glaring at me as if I was at fault for everything and kicked it closed.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

I closed my eyes and harshly blew the air out of my nose, preparing myself for what I was going go say.

"The problem is that you think you can just barge in as if you owned the place."

"If this is about the time I caught you and Nina together then I-" She started but I roughly cut her off.

"I'll be blunt here, Sawyer," I said. At this point, I was very good at keeping my emotions from my face.

"I don't want anything to do with you or your little experiment, I don't want you meddling with my business, I don't want you period," I growled and it pained me to see the emotion on her face when I finished.

"But- But you kissed me, I thought-"

"Thought what?" I laughed bitterly? "That I liked you?"- I did- "That there could ever be something between us?"-yes- "Get the fuck out of my room."

"You're a fucking ass, Sam," she spat at me as she started to leave.

"Shouldn't be news to you, dyke."


"Shouldn't be news to you, dyke."

I could feel my eyes start to water but I managed to keep the tears from falling.

It's okay Sawyer, you'll get yourself another partner in crime, much hotter, better, and you'll kiss him all day and he won't call you mean names.

Don't be fucking stupid, brain, no one in school is as nearly as hot as Sam Beckham.

Except maybe, Nick Beckham.

You're right! You're so fucking smart brain- wait, you're me, and I'm you, so I must be fucking smart as well.

That's right, baby girl, now go show that douche that you're not a dyke.

I knocked on, what I was hoping would be Nick's door, and was successfully introduced to the it boy himself.

"Sawyer? What are you doing here?"

His blue eyes- the only characteristic he shared with his brother- stared at me in question, his blonde shaggy hair was covered by a gray cap which looked like he had worn many times before.

"Can I come in?" I asked.

He nodded and closed the door. "What brings you to my home?"

"You know the girl next door?"

He nodded, "Yeah, her name is Saw- hey, you guys share the same name! What are the odds?" He chuckled.

"Okay, yeah, well, Sawyer and I, yeah, we're the same person."

He stared at me for a bit and the smiled. "That's actually pretty funny, Sawyer!"

I sighed and took off my shirt, revealing my chest fool of duct tape.

"It's not a joke, as you can see, I use duct tape to cover my chest and I cut off all my hair to make things less difficult for me."

He stared at my flat chest and then at my face. "So, you're telling me that you're trying to become. . . transgender?"

"No! Before I moved here, I was dared to dress like a boy for an entire school year and I decided to go along with it, and here I am, showing my taped boobs to you."

He furrowed his brow. "And why are you telling me this?"

I racked my brain for an excuse other than I wanted to tell him because his brother blew me the fuck off.

"Because it just makes my life easier," I simply said, "So, what do you want in exchange for keeping your mouth shut?"

He smiled at me. "Oh, don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Wow, he really was nothing like his brother.

"Oh, and Sawyer," he said, suddenly turning bright red, "About that whole liking you thing- I-"

I pecked his cheek. "Don't worry about it, Nick."

Wow, I really am a whore.

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