Chapter 16

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The Last Day of Summer.

It sounds weird. Thinking that tomorrow I have to face all of my classmates for another year..

Shit. Mindi.. her clan of bitches...

Oh gosh.. Vivian won't be with me through out the year.. Crap. 

I sill have the other girls thought, so that's good. 

I was sitting at the island eating Mac & Cheese. Tyler went out to find a part time job for the school year, so I was eating alone. Marcy and Tanner were at work until 9 so me and Tyler would have the rest of the day alone.

I was putting my bowl in the sink when there was a knock on the door, I walked over and opened it. There, was Kyle standing with his arm around Mindi's waist. 


Mindi scoffed, "Wow, you're already sleeping here, probably getting knocked up at night."

"No actually, I'm just staying here until my parents get back. Also, unlike you I don't open my legs at every opportunity. I am also still a virgin."

She scowled, "Whatever.."

"So what brings you two here?"

Kyle smiled, "Well, me and Mindi were wondering if you two wanted to go to the beach for awhile and then to dinner?"

"Sounds good, I'll talk to Tyler when he gets back. I'll text you?"

He nodded his head, "Sounds good"

"Bye guys" 

Kyle smiled at me while Mindi glared. Bitch. 


Later when Tyler showed up I told him that we were going to the beach then dinner with Kyle and Mindi.

"Why Mindi?" 

I shrugged, "I guess her and Kyle are together."

He kissed my forehead, "Oh well.. So when are we meeting them there?"

I checked my phone, "In like, 30 minutes."

He nodded and left the room. I quickly grabbed a duffle bag and put in my light blue sun dress and silver gladiator sandals. I then put on my two piece aqua bikini. 

While slipping on my shorts and t-shirt on, Tyler walked in, "All set?"

I nodded my head, "Yep"

He grabbed my hand and led me to the car, we got in and drove to the beach.

When we got out Mindi and Kyle were full on making out. Ew. In public?

Tyler cleared his throat, "Care to break away from each other for a few minutes?"

Kyle laughed, "Sorry, guys."

Mindi stood up, showing off her slutty bathing suit, barely covering any skin, "Hey Tyler." she bettered her eyelashes at him. Does Kyle not see this?

Tyler put his hand on the small of my back, "Hello Mindi."

She rolled her eyes, " Let's play some volleyball guys?" She smirked.

I scoffed, "Din't have enough last time?"

Kyle looked between the two of us, "What happened last time."

Tyler laughed, "Ainsley gave Mindi a gusher of a nose bleed." 

Kyle started laughing hystericaly, "That's priceless!" 

"It is not!" Mindi's shrill voice rung out. 

Tyler shrugged, "Whatever"

We went over to the courts to play 2 on 2. Me and Kyle against Mindi and Tyler. Shocker right?

The game was going smoothly, a close game. Until Mindi decided to start flirting shamelessly with Tyler.

"So, Tyler, what are you doing after the first day of school?"

He shrugged, "Probably go do something with Ainsley."

She scoffed, "Won't you get bored of her?"

"No, unlike you, there's much more to her."

I smiled triumphantly. 

She shrugged, "Hold up guys. Team meeting. Or.. Halftime. Whatever." She grabbed Tyler's arm and dragged him behind the bathrooms. 

I turned to Kyle, "You don't see that?"

"See what?"

I scoffed, "Mindi flirting with Tyler."

He shrugged, "I don't really care, I mean, she's just gonna leave me anyways. I know it's coming."

"Doesn't that suck though, knowing that she's just gonna leave you?"

He let out a breath, "I don't know.. Yes?.. Sorta?.."

"I would hate it."

"Then why are you with Tyler?" 

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Because he may have changed."

"Doubt it."

I shrugged, "What's taking them so long?"

I walked over only to see Mindi and Tyler making out. Yep. Definitely hate this Bitch. 

I cleared my throat, "Yeah, I'm just gonna catch a ride with Kyle home. Uh, I guess you two can go to dinner. Try now to share too many STD's."

I turned around and walked back to Kyle without listening to anything Tyler was saying. 

"Kyle, take me home"

He mock saluted like a soldier, "Yes ma'am"

Kyle brought me home and I went into my room. When I got in there on my bed layed a bouquet of roses. What. 

There was a little note card, 


      These last weeks of summer with you have been perfect. You're different Ainsely. Nothing like the other girls. Today when Mindi kissed me, she forced herself on to me. The second you walked over was the second before I pushed her off. I would never want to purposely mess up with you Ainsley. You changed me. I don't think about partying, sex or any of those things anymore. I just think about you. Ainsley, I know I shouldn't say it in a note but; I love you Ainsley."

I felt tears streaming slowly down my cheeks, he loved me...

And I loved him.




AHHHH, Okay.

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