"Babe, I'll do it" Camila smiled, "nature is more your thing than mine".

"We could go together, its not like those two would notice" Lauren joked as they looked at the two girls who were taking selfies. The girls were stood next to a bees hive with duck pouts when all of a sudden a bee came flying out, followed by many more causing both the girls to squeal and run to the older girls.

"Next time... Don't disturb the bees!" Lauren laughed as tears streamed from her eyes .

"Kaki, I'm hungry" Sofia moaned.

Lauren looked at Camila and winked at her before telling the girls she would go back to where the car was and get food.

"So... Bees, am I right?" Camila spoke to Taylor and Sofia who give her a look of disgust after their traumatic experience.

Not long after Lauren returned with a variety of sandwiches, as well as juice cartons.

"Lauren" Taylor whispered ever so quietly as she looked over at Camila who seemed to be fidgeting a lot, making Lauren look over at her too.

"Hey Camz?" Lauren gently asked the girl who seemed to be anxious.

"Yes?" Camila spoke, not looking up at Lauren.

"Is everything okay princess?"

"I, yeah. I just think, nothing actually"

"Baby, tell me what you're thinking" Lauren pressed.

"I think Emiren might be hungry so maybe we should go home now?" Camila suggested.

"Babe?" Lauren asked, waiting until Camila looked up at her.

Lauren then addressed Taylor, "Tay, will you and Sofia be okay here for like, 5 minutes? We're just going to go somewhere".

"Sure Lo" she mumbled with half a mouth full of food.

Lauren took Camila's hand and with her other hand somehow successfully pushed the pram Emiren was in to a more intimate place.

"Would you like to sit down?" Lauren asked and giggled when Camila's face showed disgust.

"Not really, it looks dirty" Camila answered honestly.

Lauren shrugged to herself and sat down in the floor.

"If Emmy is awake take her out of the pushchair, and then give her to me" Lauren spoke, smiling when Camila done as told. "Great. Okay, so now you're going to sit on my knees".

"Seriously?" Camila asked anxious.

"Yep, come on now babe, I need your Cuban ass on me" Lauren joked as Camila turned to face Lauren as she smiled flirtatiously at her before biting her own lip.

"Will Jergi be able to handle it?" Camila asked, referring to Laurens penis.

"If not, then we can cut this trip short and you can drive the girls home and then we, can make love" Lauren spoke with a gentle smile.

Camila sat down on Laurens lap and sighed, "Do you think one of the girls will babysit Emiren soon? I mean, I love being with her, but every time we've tried to have sex, she interrupts us with her crying. Like babe, you must have had blue balls so many times recently" Camila laughed as Lauren just shrugged.

"The girls will, but enough of that for now. Can you sit so, like, your butt is on one side of my lap, so basically, like I can see your side profile?" Lauren asked as she carefully held Emiren away from Camila who was getting comfortable in the position Lauren asked of her.

When that was done, Lauren then gave Camila Emiren and told her that she should breastfeed their child now.

"Lauren, I don't feel comfortable doing it here" Camila mumbled.

"Camz, all you're doing is feeding our child, there is no one who will be looking at you because they'll see me and I will fucking kill them if they think about telling you what you should and shouldn't do".

"Will you tell me if anyone walks past as I feed her?" Camila asked and Lauren agreed instantly.

"You're not doing anything wrong baby" Lauren reassured Camila as Camila slowly lifted up one side of her shirt.

"I have my boob out, isn't that indecent exposure?" Camila asked as she massaged her breast, looking at Lauren confused.

"No, because you've got a reason why your breast is out, you're feeding our child. If anyone says or thinks differently then they're a tit" Lauren spoke, not thinking about her choice of words, until Camila broke down in laughter.

As Camila's laughter died down, she was able to feed Emiren, she sighed as her child suckled from her breasts, before looking at Lauren and whispering those magic words, "I love you".

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