Chapter 27

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"And a lust for life, keeps us alive" Lauren sung the lyrics to the new Lana Del Rey song as she drove to her parents house.

"I feel as though the lyrics 'take off, take off, take off all of your clothes' will set our daughter up to be a nudist" Camila joked from the backseat stroking her baby's forehead softly.

"This song is better than most songs that are released nowadays, I mean, you get some desperate fuck boys singing about a girl they will never get"

"Hey, that's not all true, I heard a song the other day about strangers and I loved it, it was like, in my opinion a LGBTQ anthem, I loved it" Camila pointed out.

"Who was I with when I heard that song on the radio?" Lauren asked out loud to herself.

"What song was it babe?"

"I think it was called Crying In The Club or something, honestly, that song gave me vibes!"

"You see, they are some good singers"

"I have questions, I have- that's also by the singer that sung that Club song too, I don't know her name, but we should try and see her in show sometime" Lauren spoke.

"For now maybe we should just stream the music and also buy the songs off iTunes" Camila thought out to herself.

"Great idea, I may gift the songs to family and friends" Lauren thought as she parked the car, Taylor was already waiting outside the house for her older sister.

"Hey, before I greet you both. I'm not in a good mood" Taylor said.

"And why is that?" Camila asked feeling concerned.

"Okay, so there's this dancing show, and there was a girl I really, like REALLY, wanted to win. So she was in the final three and guess what? She lost! She came third! Like who would put that amazing dancer third?" Taylor ranted.

"I was saying the same thing to Mani when we were watching it, because Mani and her grandmother always watch that show together and they always make notes of who had the highest scores" Lauren spoke about her friend.

"Mani is a great dancer, she should go on a dancing show!" Camila thought out as Lauren laughed.

"The girl on that Dancing With The Stars came third, that goes to show that shows like that are rigged. Plus if Mani ever lost, the fans she's made on the way would probably riot" Lauren laughed at the thought.

"I didn't leave my bed the day after she came third. I was so annoyed" Taylor shared.

Not long later, Sofia joined the girls in the car.

"So, anyways Amber said that she didn't have my coat, but she totally did because I saw her touch it!" Sofia explained to the girls something that had happened earlier on that week when she was at school.

"Camz and I figured we could take a walk in the park and maybe go into the forests, get some nice scenery and it will be quite" Lauren spoke as she locked the car in a car park and took the baby's bag with her, as Camila placed Emiren in her pushchair.

"There's too many people at the park, we could just go to the woods" Sofia said and the girls all agreed.

The girls took in the scenery, embracing nature and looking for animals such as squirrels and rabbits that they might find. It was a nice catch up between the four girls, who loved each other so much.

Taylor and Sofia enjoyed spending time with their older sisters as well as their niece, who had been sleeping for the majority of the trip.

"Camz, I packed some food in the car, I'll go grab it if you're hungry" Lauren spoke as she and Camila walked slowly behind Taylor and Sofia who were busy taking photos of everything.

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