Something I didn't enjoy.

4th quarter. Less than two minutes left. 2nd and 10 on the 30.

My team huddled together.

"They're killing us out there!" Josh told us, breathless.

I could hear the murmurs of my teammates agreeing. I hated seeing them like this.

"I don't know how much more I can handle!" Chance said, leaning against me.

"Guys! I know it's hard! But you honestly have to give me your best right now." I told everyone, looking around. I wish I could give them more of a pep talk, but with the time slowly ticking down, I couldn't.

I looked back at the score board.

14-17. A touchdown could win this game.

I quickly looked back at my team, who were anxiously looking at me. I bit my lip, knowing that I couldn't screw this game up.

"Okay," I looked at Micheal, my wide receiver. "I'm depending on you. 15 yards out. Fake pass to Jake. Everyone else on your toes."

We got into position. I couldn't be anymore nervous. It was all or nothing.

"42 blue! 42 blue! 15 white!" The ball was snapped and I automatically caught it, stepping back. Something happened and the pocket collapsed. I felt my heart stop for a brief moment.

"Shoot!" I muttered under my breathe.

I made the quick decision and chose to just run it. I secured the ball in my hands and made a dash for it. I could feel my adrenaline pumping as I tried to dodge people. I made it to the 20 yard line before I was tackled out of bounds.

Damn, did that hurt.

I stayed on the ground, collecting myself. I groaned knowing that I was going to be so sore tomorrow. I've never been tackled this hard before.

"Alex!" I heard my teammates yell.

I felt the guy being lifted off of me, letting me breathe. I slowly got back up, making sure that I could move everything without too much pain.

I held my hands out, "I'm fine. Let's go."

"You sure Alex? You were down for awhile." Matt said.

I slightly glared at him, "I said I'm fine. Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I can't handle some hit. At least I got the time to stop. We needed all the breathing room we could get," I looked at the rest of my team, "come on guys. That isn't going to work all the time. Statue of Liberty. Break."

We all got into position.

"52 green! 52 green! 20 Blue!" That was their cue. I made a quick fake move to Micheal, who pretended to catch it and run. I put the ball behind my back, where Nathan grabbed it and ran.

The defense was quick to move, but Nathan was faster. 15, 10, 5, and touchdown! The stands were going crazy It seemed as if the whole student body was in attendance and I could hear them chanting our school song.

" We are Skyview! We couldn't be prouder! If you can't hear us, shout a little louder!"

I stepped off the field after literally tackling Nathan on the ground, congratulating him. Our kicker, Brent, made the extra point and I couldn't help but smile. That boy sure did know how to kick. Afterwards, they set up for kick off and I seemed to get nervous again as I look at the time. I sat down on the bench to calm down.

45 seconds.

That would be enough for them to get a touchdown; if we weren't careful. Brent kicked and boy was it good. He was careful in kicking it right before the end zone so that they wouldn't kneel it. The opposing team, Mountain View, caught the ball but before they even got to their own 20 yard line, we tackled them down.

I looked at the clock: 30 seconds.

Their quarterback got into position and quickly received the ball. He looked out to see who was open, but he hesitated and one of our linesman got through and sacked him.

20 seconds left.

2nd down and 15 at their own 15.

They got into position once again. The crowd was yelling as loud as they could.

They knew we could do this.

The quarterback received the ball and he quickly released it into a perfect spiral, something I only dreamed of doing.

Our team was quick to move and I couldn't help but jump off the bench when we had intercepted the pass. We were quick to move since no one on the opposing team expected that. Being only 20 yards out, we ran the ball.

And guess what; we scored.

Coach Jones looked at me. He signalled for a two-point conversion; to waste time. I nodded and put my helmet on before running onto the field. I high-fived every single member and congratulated them. These boys definetly knew what they were doing.

"That was amazing you guys! Now let's get two more points up there. Everyone in the end zone, on your toes. This could go to anyone." I told everyone.

"Do you even bother with plays anymore Alex?" Micheal teased me, while the others chuckled.

It was honestly so rare when I use our playbook. I study it continually, yet never feel the need to use it in a real game situation.

"Shut it. They're pointless to me. I'd rather you all know where to go. Now, go do as I say!"

"Yes m'am!" They barked back at me as I beamed at them.

I got into shotgun position.


I felt the leather texture of the ball hit my hands and immediately left once I saw that Nick was open. He caught the ball, then proceeded to dance like a ballerina. I chuckled. His long blonde hair flopping around his head, making him look like an actual ballerina.

"Nick would you quit before we get a flag!" I yell over to him. He automatically stopped, knowing that I would give him hell if we were penalized.

All our fans jumped over the fence and bleachers and ran to the field where they joined our team celebration

This is amazing, we had won our first game which so happened to be our homecoming game. I couldn't be happier as I looked around. I noticed that Micheal and Nathan had dumped the cooler on top of coach and couldn't help but let of a little laugh along with everyone else.


I turned around just in time to see Nathan and Brent drench me with water.

"I swear I could kill you guys!" I yelled out at them trying to act strict, but failing to do so.

"You love us too much to do that Alex!" Yelled Brent over the noise.

I smiled at them. It's true. They're my boys.

"WHO RUNS THIS HOUSE?!" I yell to everyone.



"Hey Davis, what time should we meet up at your house tomorrow?!" Brent yelled from the other side of the parking lot. I'll never understand why he was too lazy to walk over to me.

"Around noon! Text the other guys and remind them for me!  I'm too lazy to do it!" I yelled back at him. I mentally face palmed as I realized he must have gotten his laziness from me.

"Alright! I'll be there!" He yelled back.

I climbed into my truck and started up the engine. Music blasted from my speakers and I turned the volume down, not wanting to go deaf.

I rolled down the window, "Don't even think of bringing your dumb bimbos to my house!"

That boy will have any sort of sexual relations with anything that has legs and a pulse.

I heard him whine, "What's the fun in that?"

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