Chapter 1

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I jumped into my red, Honda Civic and quickly strapped in, then drove to the coffee shop. I entered through the back and said hello to Margret. Margret is the owner of the coffee shop. She let me live in the basement until I found a flat. I ran down the stairs, and rummaged through my pile of clothes. I snatches some clothes, grabbing my jacket on my way back up the stairs. I went to the front of the store, and bought myself a drink. "You could be savin' that money for your future flat," Margret grumbled. I shrugged and replied, "Half of what I own isn't for my future flat." She quickly handed me my caramel frappe. "Thanks Margret!" I shouted as I walks out the door. I sprinted to my car, the puddles making my grey jeans wet. I got into my car, and drove down a street called Baker Street. From there, I parked in front of the cinema and began to look for my friend Gina.

We walked out of the movies laughing. My god the movie was funny. My red shirt had stains because Gina had spilt popcorn on me. That idiot. "Need a ride?" I asked her. " Na I'll take a cab. Thank you though." She replied. Then she started walking east towards her flat. Too bad she wouldn't let me rent her flat with her. I drove back to the coffee shop, entering through the front, and god did that annoy Margret. I loved annoying her. She yelled at me and forced me to help her with the line of customers. I helped do about half of the line before I went and took orders from tables. I went to a table with two guys, one blonde and short. The other, tall with dark brown hair, his icy blue eyes lost in thought. "Hello my nam is Anna, how may I help you?" I said using Margret's strict orders on "how to talk to customers". The blonde began to order, but he was interrupted by his friend. "Your name isn't on the employe wall," he said quickly. "What?" I replied confused. I hadn't caught his full sentence. "Sherlock!" The blonde one scolded. "No, no, no. It's fine," I said, "The employe wall you mean?" The tall one nodded. "I don't actually work here. I just help because I live in the basement." The blonde one eyed the other man. " Sherlock don't show off," he said. Too late. "You live in the basement because your paying off your car. Why you have a car? No clue. You were just at the movies because you have a popcorn stain on your shirt. Someone obviously spilt it because you don't look that stupid." I nodded. I was shocked, but I dared not to show it. "So your order?" I remembered. The blonde told me what he wanted, and I left to make it. "Flirting?" Margret teased. I rolled my eyes. "No, not this time. " I replied. I went back to them, placing the tea and decaf coffee they wanted on the table. The blonde's phone rang as Sher lock paid. I began to walk away when I heard the words, "Sherlock, there's been a murder on Baker Street, flat number 411b" I snatched my keys off an empty table and headed out the door. Then a hand grabbed my shoulder. I slowly turned around, seeing Sherlock behind me. "Where are you going?" He asked glaring at me. "411b, Baker Street. That's my best friends flat."

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