Rolling Calf

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Be careful how you stroll around the Jamaican countryside at night, because you really don't want to meet a rolling calf. A huge calf-like creature which rolls along the road, blocking the way of night time travellers, and chasing them with a wicked intention.

It has blazing red eye that gash fire, and a chain that it drags behind it, making an unnerving clanking noise.

To escape a rolling calf, the victim can do a number of things:
1. Drop things for it to count
2. Get to a cross roads before it
3. Open a own knife and stick it in the ground

A rolling calf is also terrified of being beaten with a tarred whip held in the left hand.

Rolling calves are always male. They are believed to be the spirits of people (particularly butchers) who were wicked and dishonest during their lifetimes.

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