Chapter Eighteen

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"Isle of the Lost," Morgana was murmuring to herself, tapping her index finger against her chair impatiently as she watched Sibyl and her gang of happy followers make their way through the harsh snow, trying to find one of the many caves in the area.

Her honey colored hair made a beautiful contrast with the vivid green dress she wore. It was almost... ethereal.

"Any idea what they're looking for?" Asked Barrington, standing by and watching the scene in awe. Maybe it was because he had no magic that he thought so, but it was quite an interesting thing. Here, His Lady and Queen, Morgana, had used the snow she had wrought upon this land to spy on an unsuspecting Sibyl.

He had to admit, upon seeing Sibyl, he was surprised. She was just a girl. He wasn't quite sure what he expected, but such an innocent face and big brown eyes were far from it. Yet, he knew she was not to be underestimated. She and her team had stopped an execution and had recruited the victim to their side. That victim was a goddess whose great power Morgana had wanted on her side, but the goddess refused, saying she would rather die than stand with Morgana.

After a long, drawn battle between the two, Morgana had somehow entrapped the goddess and gave her what she had wished, she put her to death. Mostly, to make an example. Eir was well known among the residents of Camelot, Avalon and the other three kingdoms as well. She was a powerful warrior, greatly feared and respected. She had helped Uther Pendragon claim many territories as his own once upon a time. Those dark wings of hers were a legend all their own.

So, by executing such a powerful figure, Morgana thought that surely word would get around and the people would stop resisting so much.

However, Sibyl had saved her and according to the men, she had released a burst of power so great, it completely shattered Morgana's magic, leaving warmth in its wake. When Morgana had called Barrington to the scene, he had never seen her look so angry. Her ivory skin flushed pink, her mouth set in indignation. All around them, flowers were in bloom and the once barren trees were alive with color and light. Even where they were standing was warm, sunlight shining down on them virtuously.

Barrington couldn't be sure, but he thought that was the moment Morgana truly realized how dangerous Sibyl was. Ever since then, the protests and the revolts had been worse now than ever before. Now that Sibyl was here, now that people knew for sure the prophecies were true and this land could be saved, they were standing up. Ready and willing to lose their lives if it meant an end to Morgana's tyranny.

Morgana's eyes narrowed as she considered Barrington's question, her lips pursed thoughtfully. Finally, her index finger ceased its tapping and she stilled, her eyes narrowing to slits.

"No." Her voice was more of a growl than anything else. At this moment, she looked so frightening that Barrington involuntarily shrunk away.

The air around them suddenly went from cool to freezing cold, frost slowly covering the nearby window.

"W-what is it, your Majesty?" Barrington wanted to know, teeth chattering.

"They've gone to retrieve Excalibur," replied Morgana, her voice no more than a whisper. "That weapon in Arthur's hands..."

"Could kill you?"

Morgana didn't answer, instead the air around them got colder still. He took that as a sign to mean he was right.

"You don't have to worry, though, m'lady," Barrington said, trying to soothe her. "It's rare that those who enter the Isle of the Lost live to tell about it. And those who do don't come back sane."

"The idiots who travel to the Isle of the Lost are not Sibyl," Morgana shrieked, balling her delicate hands into fists. Although they were inside, there was wind howling around them, causing the already cold room to become so frosty, it was almost unbearable.

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