it felt like someone just stabbed me 20 times in the stomach. i cant believe he just said that. my hands dropped to my side i wish a black whole could swallow me up there and then.

Justin: (Y/N) I'm sorry...

me: i cant believe you just said that!

Justin: I'm so-

me: yeah your right i am worthless...

Justin:NO (Y/N) YOUR NOT

me: maybe i should just go and never come back!


he is right i have no one, i walked out of my mums life because she treated me like shit. my dad died in a car accident when i was 13 years old. i wasn't popular at school so i had no friends. Justin is the only person i have left. my life would be a lot easier if i just ended it. so one will miss me anyway. Justin can go back with his most elegant princess. simple.

i stared at the floor finding sudden interest in it. my mind is over working i cant deal with it anymore. my sobbing turned into hiccups. Justin looked at me with sorrow eyes gilt plastered over his face.

Justin: (Y/N) I'm so sorry i shouldn't have touched a personal subject, you mean the world to me i cant loose you. you make me complete. you make me a better person. your perfection i Love you so much. i made a mistake putting that picture up on instagram. your my princess not Selena. its you...its always been you.

the way Justin said that made me swoon. it felt like he was saying his wedding vows to me. does he really mean this? my eyes closed letting the tears drop. that's the Justin i know, the Justin i fell in love with.

me: you really mean it? you still love me?

Justin: from the bottom of my heart. i love you so so so much.

me: awwe Justin you make me so mad yet so you make me fall in love with you all over again

Justin: do you forgive me?

me: of course i do.

Justin: i love you (Y/N) so much

me: i love you too

we both shared a passionate kiss.


awwe happy ending:)

so that's the end:) thank you for reading this imagine

i love you so much


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