We took are seats as the bell ring.

'NEW STUDENT ALERT!'Mrs.Smith yelled making everyone look around the class while me and Kyle just laughed while Enrique shrinked in his seat.


The way he stood up so fast.

'Oh my gosh you're handsome and look at this your eyes their beautiful my lord.''Mrs.Smith said looking him up and down.

She was like openly flirting with him I swear she is like 29 wanna flirt with a youngin.I busted out laughing when he winked at her and she started giggling like a little girl.

I'm gonna kill him.

'Your last name Grant you know that means tall right?You're quit tall and muscular.'She said smiling at him and rubbing his arm.

'MRS.!' All the girls in the class seem to yell.

'I swear your married.'I said.

'Rah someones jealous.'Kyle laughed.

'HE IS A HANDSOME YOUNG MAN I WAS JUST TELLING HIM SHEESH!'Mrs.Smith said then whispered something something in his ear causing him to bust out laughing.

I kissed my teeth and Kyle laughed at me.

'Alright now take a seat Enrique nice to have you in my class.'She smiled.

I turned around as he took a seat to see all the girl staring at him in amazement and one in particular stood out.Madison.She was skrewing the back of his head so badly that if looks could kill he would be dead. I started laughing but hid it in a cough.

'Alrighty then Silence and listen up.'Mrs.Smith said and waited for the kid to be quiet.

'So I no we did this before but we have new student come in since then and some of yall still scared to be on stage so yeah were gonna work on your stage fright people!.If your new get you ass on stage.'Mrs.said taking a seat at the front of the stage.

This was a class of 35 and like 10 kids stood up.

'Lisa get your butt up you know I need you.'Mrs.smith yelled.

'Ugh.'I got up and jumped on stage.'Yes mrs.'

'Okay line up for me.'She directed and they lined up.

There was like 8 boys and two girls in this line for some reason alot of boys wanted to join drama this year I guess cause it's the easiest course.

"So here is what were gonna do I am gonna play some music and you lot are gonna dance sing do whatever really until you stop being scared and just start having fun and if Lisa here feels like your having fun the you can go suit down.Understand you can do anything you like just no fucking or fighting be yourself and get loose with it you know. I don't know why I told ya to line up for but whatever. Anyway be free like a butterfly and spread your wings out god dammit."Mrs.Smith said then turn on the music which had me during with laughter.She was playing justin beiber baby.

They started dancing and stuff some singing and Enrique was infront of the stage singing on key to the girls in the crowd like his voice was so soft he sang.He didn't even have stage fright, I pointed at him and one of the girls and they went to take their seats. This boy started booty shaking and ohmygosh was he good at it. He had my during on stage with laughter I pointed him out and he got off stage blowing me a kiss. After everyone was done embarrassing themselves I sat down next to my boys.

"Well that was fun wasn't it and Enrique I didn't know you could sing your voice us lovely dear."Mrs.Smith said as if she knew him for years now.

He shrugged and smiled at her.

"Okay class is over in twenty minutes do whatever ya like I need my coffee so if the main office calls the class say I went to the bathroom I'm gone to starbucks doe and if any you snitch I will make sure you don't graduate."Mrs.Smith said then grabbed her purse and left.

Madison walked up infront of Enrique and screwed him.

"What the hell are you doing here."She barked at him.

"Obviously I'm in school init.Trying to get my education up."Enrique said rolling his eyes and Kyle chuckled.

"No! You know what I mean this ain't your school why are you here."she asked.

" I know you heard the lady say new student. I got kicked ply of the other school so Now I go here."He said.

"Why man! You couldn't go to another school ugh."She whined.

"What's the problem of me coming to this school?" He asked with an eye brow raised.

She rolled her eyes and went back to her seat.

The problem was that he was gonna mess up all her little nigga's that she messed with and she didn't want that to happen.Slag.Kyle thought me that word lol!

We buss jokes for the rest of the class.By the end of school Enrique knew almost everyone in the school.Almost every girl had a crush on him AND  most of the teachers hated him,besides Mrs.Smith she has a grown lady crush on him and the thing is he flirts it's only his first day of school. 

And the Thing that tops it all is everyone thinks he some sexy god and just stop and stare when he walks in the hall way boosting his already high ego and the most of the boys in the school envy him so they invited him to chill with them.Kmt.

There is even a rumor I'm his cousin or something cause he is to sexy to be with me.When I heard this I just rolled my eyes girls and their hating asses.


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