Chapter- 01

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From: Vanessa

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From: Vanessa

To: Ryder


I am feeling so many things.

Jealousy, anger, hurt, betrayal is all running through my veins right now.

1 year of togetherness..thrown.

Gone down the drain.

I am seriously proud of you, Mr Heartless. You did an amazing job.

Being a sweet and loving boyfriend. Taking my virginity. Making out with a slut at lunch. Humilating me infront of everyone and acting like nothing happened.

Like you never cared.

Like you never even knew me.

Like..I was just a bet.

A fucking bet.

Wait, I was a fucking bet.

Glad to see my sarcasm hasn't died along with my sanity.

Congratulations, the award for breaking the most fragile hearts goes to you.

Sent: 27th May 2016.

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