Chapter 6: Tiger Lilys

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Italics are Yurio's PoV

~Otabeks P.O.V~
After getting my granola bar and such, I hurried along to get to the bus. Along the way I found a lovely patch of beautiful tiger Lilly's. I decided to take a couple and put them in a vase for Yuri's room. His room is kind of bland, so why not?
When I got there I got my schedule again but the doctor said I only have to do half. I don't really know why, but fine by me!
I went to about 15 rooms today which wasn't bad and everyone was doing well. I quickly made my way to Yuri's room and just thinking about him made my heart skip a beat.
'Otabek why are you feeling this way you haven't even talked to him' I said to myself.
'If he ever wakes up he'll probably just think you some kind of creep! ugh your such a mess up'
I arrived at his room and opened the slightly creeky door to be faced with the sleeping beauty. 'Wow he so pretty... nO No stop stop stop your not like this he's just a boy I'm looking after that's all!' I mentally slapped myself and got a glass to fill with some water for my tiger lilly's . I delicately place the flower in the glass that I decided to place by the window. I sat in the same chair as yesterday and just watched the little angel breath. Is that creepy? I don't really care I just can't, not look at him. I thought about life and how tomorrow was sadly Monday and I would have to go to school. Maybe I come by after school, it's not like my parents are home to care anyway. I sat and though and watched for a good 2 hours maybe before I decided I should leave. Ugh how I didn't want to leave Yuri. I make sure no one was in the hall that could walk by and I leaned close to Yuri and placed a kiss on his cheek. I made my way out of his room praying no one would be there.
Great, just my luck there had been a patient who was now dancing around the hallway that was now saying " YAY you broke the spell and now the sleeping prince will awake!"
Wow ok.
I saw Dr. Nikiforov walk next to him, "Yuri come on you have to go and rest now love."
Wow wait hold on.
The doctor placed a kiss on the black haired males lips.
"Ok fine " the patient pouted and marched off to his room next to the doctor.
'WHAT IS HAPPENING' I thought to myself.
So the doctor is dating a patient??? What??? And that patient is the other Yuri? Who just said that I broke the spell? Great. Everything makes so much sense.
On my way home I couldn't stop thinking about Yuri. I don't know why I just couldn't.
I found the tiger Lily's again and took one for myself. When I got home the clock said 6:30 but it felt more like 10:30. I made some pasta for dinner that sat down and watched some Netflix before dozing off.

~Yurios PoV~

There! I felt it again! That warmth! I loved it to an amazing extent. I wanted it again and I wanted it to never end. I already missed it. Nothing changed in my black void of nothing until now. There was this small dot of warmth that kept on growing at small rate. I could almost touch it...

~WoW ok so a lot happened in this chapter but next chapter is going to be
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