District 7 Reaping

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District Seven Reaping

Axel Bayer:

“Nice throw, Benson!” I call to the fourteen-year-old boy encouragingly.

Walker Benson grins at me. “Thanks, Axel.” He goes to retrieve his axe from the tree.

“That’s good for today, boys!” I call out to the class.

Most of the class goes out of the forest and back into town, except two boys.

Kyle McKosky and Walker Benson… two of my best students, and two of my four closest friends. Walker is a quiet kid, but he’s tough and has a lot of grit. Kyle is my wingman and- when it comes to girls- he’s the complete opposite of me. I don’t know how the two of us managed to become friends.

Kyle goes to one of the trees and pulls out a tomahawk that was left by one of the other students. “Oh, dude. Guess who was waiting outside class: Holly Forrester.”

“THE Holly Forrester? The hottest girl in school?” Walker asked in awe. Kyle nodded.

I have NO clue what she was doing here… this class was for boys, and boys only.

“Go talk to her, dude.” Kyle pushed me forward enthusiastically, causing me to barrel into someone.

“Rude much?”

The someone was Holly Forrester. Most guys found her hot and scary at the same time… she stood taller than most girls at a full six feet, but her confidence made her seem even taller than that. Her brownish-red hair was styled in a boyish cut that still had some femininity to it, and her dark green eyes stood out against her pale skin.

“Hey. Bayer. I’m talkin’ to you, aren’t you gonna say somethin’?”

I snapped back to reality. “Oh. Um…” I looked down at her face, realizing I was on top of her in a somewhat suggestive manner. “I-I’m sorry, Miss Forrester.” I got up quickly, my face flushing. I sure hope it didn’t show… heroes never fumble or get embarrassed. “I-is there something I can do for you?”

“I wanna know why you turned me away the other day.” She got up too, crossing her arms in front of her.

“Y-you know the rules, Miss Forrester.” I spoke, trying to gain some of my familiar calm and collected manner back. “This class is for boys and boys only.”

“Axel Bayer, you are so FULL of it!” She yelled at me. The girl scoffed.

“I don’t make the rules, Miss Forrester. I just enforce them.” I say calmly, trying to hide my nervousness. Truth be told, I HADN’T been the one to make up the rules. It had been this way for quite a few years.

“Drop the ‘Miss’ nonsense and call me Holly.” She growled, “You act like you care.”

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