chapter 55

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Authors POV

It had been a week since Zayn had left for North Carolina for his treatment. Last Monday morning had been very heartbreaking for the couple.

Cindy drove to the airport where Dr. Morrison said that there would be escorts waiting for him. He had packed some clothes while Cindy was still asleep so he was all ready to go by the time he woke up the next day.

The ride was silent on the way there. Both of them full of nerves and anxiety for what might happen. As soon as they got to the airport, the emotions were shown clearly.

Embracing one another. Crying nonstop. Kisses all around. Words of love. Whispers of forever and always. Heavy hearts. It was very emotional for the both of them to handle but they understood.

As soon as Cindy let him go, she watched as he approached two men who looked like they could pass as bodyguards. They spoke a few words before leading him towards the terminal. He looked back one last time and blew a kiss to his wife that she returned sadly before walking back to the car.

Since then, she's been in a big house with an even bigger bed. She has since been working as much as she can at VS and coming home to Diesel. It's been quieter but she still has support from her gang.

She tried to talk to Zayn on the phone as much as she can during the week just to see how he's doing and just be there for him. She's already started making plans to go and visit him soon.

Everything seemed to be mending together slowly but surely. All they had to do was be patient.


Freshly showered and ready for a nap, I walked to the drawer and grabbed Zayn's black hoodie and put on my lace panties. I climbed into bed and yawned looking at my watch seeing it was coming up to ten at night.

My phone started vibrating and I looked seeing it was the number from the rehab center.

"Hello?" I answered.

"This call is being made from Zayn Malik here in rehabilitation."

I pressed one to accept it easily and put the phone on speaker.

"Hello, my love." His raspy voice flowed through the speakers.

"Hey baby." I said.

"Were you sleeping again? I can always call tomorrow." He said.

"I got out the shower before you called me. How are you?"

"I'm fine. I'm missing you like crazy. How's my princess?" He asked.

"She's been kicking the shit out of my ribs today. I almost called 911." I said.

It's been really weird with babygirl today. She's been moving nonstop and every few minutes like she's trying to find a way to kill me or something.

"Don't stress out again, babe. All you'll do is hurt yourself and the baby." He warned. "I need you both in one piece when I get home to you."

Home to you. That sounded so sweet yet heartbreaking at the same time.

"How is everything there in North Carolina?" I asked.

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