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Name: Abigal Marie Styles

Age: 20

Eyes/hair: light green/brownish

Fav color: purple

Birthday: December 15

Crush: Liam

Relationship: single

Hobbies: dancing

Quick bio:hey my name is Abigail but you call me Abby. I love to dance I could dance all day. I am calm most of the time and my friends know my crush on Liam and never really told him. I was going to but then he went on tour so I never had the chance. I love to go shopping and hang with the girls. My bff's are Michelle, Julie, Diana, Fatima and Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, And Louis. All the girls say I very responsible and stuff so sometimes they call me mommy direction crazy right. Oh and my brother is Harry so thats kind of how we all met. He's is younger than me but he acts like I'm the younger one

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