27: A Confession

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"There will be times
in your life
when you
have to choose
between being loved
and being respected,
always pick
being respected,
a love without respect
is fleeting
and that respect
can grow into a
long lasting love.
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Scroll, scroll, slide, slide.

I was surfing through the memories made with everyone in my now a home Australia, but what only caught my attention was Navya. Her hair, her slender nose, her cheeks and specifically her small cute hands topped with her beautiful smile and twinkling Hazel eyes.... How I could be without her, I had no idea. I hope... she remains safe wherever she goess. These five months with her bought us so close It seems really hard to believe I ever lived in Mumbai, it's like my whole life was spend with her....

But then no....the faces of my beloved friends.... Ayan bhai, Rayan, Asim, Humaira, Saira , Maira, Naila they all were there... It's all true... All true my subconscious reminded and a few memories played in my mind, especially the farewell... I never knew a day would come that I couldn't decide where I wanted to be the most, both held a dear part of my life both held awesome memories, one contained by childhood and one contained my love.... Yet a sliver of doubt has me come back square one... But it's all happening already.... I am going to Mumbai.... There is no escape... For two months it's them and my old life...
Everything was packed as I glanced from my balcony, being loaded in the van by some hired men and I assumed one was the driver that'd take us to the airport.

Still... still I couldn't make myself to go, can I? Can I really?

Are you seriously asking yourself? You do know you have no choice!

But Navya!

Shut up! She is more important or your family? You will leave your whole family just for the girl you met five months ago?

Both are equally important!

Whatever! Its not like you are going forever... You will be coming back... Just two months! You know we can handle this... They were your friends too... Been there since your childhood....

..... I will be fine...

Yeah..you will be fine...

"Ayaz? "A voice filled with concern renounced my ears, turning a little I found my sis.

" W-why are you crying!? "

" Ayu!?" She came forward eclosing me in a warm hug, I touched my cheek recalling her previous statement and surely they were wet... I was really crying!

Navya.. Oh Allah! What's going on?!

"Ayaz! I asked you something?! " She asked again shaking my shoulders her brows furrowed and mouth twisted in anguish.

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