Sold to You (teacher/student story) Part 2

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When we got to this place the sign read_ Actioning_

I thought maybe my mother was trying to buy something and wanted me to dress up to show we had money, which we certainly didn't.....About 5 minutes later my father came stumbling over to us, literately. He was obviously drunk. What was going on?

"Can we just get this over with please I just wanna go home" I said.


My father was such an idiot. We walked into a pale blue room and my mother walked past a bunch of creepy old men who smiled at all the woman who had hair on their heads. In fact, i think a guy just hit on another dude. How stupid could people be? My mother grabbed my hand when she saw my lack of pace. We walked up the stage and behind the curtains.

"Isn't back here off limits?''

"Only for people who aren't taking place in the auction."

"Wait, what? Your selling something in the auction?"

"Yep, a prised procession actually" I mother said in a hushed tone.

"What is it?"

You. You. You. How much is something worth to you when your willing to give it up so willingly?

The lights in the back are dimmed and the stage lights go on. All five of us girls are moved on stage with a man standing beside and behind us. I guess they know none of us want to be on that stage. I don't understand, my moms just gonna sell me for a couple of bucks? This isn't some third world country where this kind of stuff is legal. I cant even accept the situation I'm going through, how selfish. I start breaking down in tears right on the stage but suck it up because i don't want any man here to think I'm weak because that would just add flames to the fire. Crying would show signs of weakness and after everything I've been through, be sold at an auction is the best thing my parents could have done for me. I swear ill never forgive them for this.

The auction guy starts talking "Here are some of our best girls

#1 here has red hair........"

This is when I droned out he continued to talk about her sexual performances and then went to the other and four more went and were sold.

I looked out in the crowd to see what kind of people were here. They were all the same. Perverts, drug addicts and alcoholics, all wanting one thing. Me.

"Lastly we have a cutie here. Her name's Jacqueline and she 16."

I cant believe how just those two things got over five guys to raise their hand in a bid.

"Okay, bidding starts at 300 dollars."




At that point everyone gasps. I really don't think its a big deal though honestly, I'm worth way more than that.


The guy that was standing behind me lifts me up and we walk off the stage to the guy who had bid supposedly a lot of money. I'm hoping, praying even that the guy isn't a creep but honestly everyone that i saw come in was an old pervert. So for me the odds aren't exactly in my favor. I look up and see the man who i believe I'm going to.

Hes the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. Sexy doesn't even cut it for this guy. He has arm muscles the size of oh god I don't know. He has blue eyes with green around the pupil. His hair is black and jelled up slightly. He's wearing a V-neck top with a black leather jacket plus black skinny jeans and black boots. Like I said, sexy doesn't cut it for this guy. I just wanted him to flex his arms so I could see there full extent. He obviously has abs and I don't doubt his butt is built as well.

"I've got it from here" He said. His sexy masculine voice interrupting my thoughts. He's got 'it' ,really? Then again I should have suspected that. All these guys just want an 'it' .

The guy bodyguard or whatever he is walks off. I don't get even a single goodbye from my parents. It shows a lot.

We walk outside the door and I don't even object. I know I could fully be walking into the arms of may rapist, maybe even killer. Yet, I continue to follow him because I know there is no where else.

He opens his very expensive car door and I step inside. Silence was the music the entire ride back to where he would take and isolate me.

On the way to his house i guess, he breaks the silence

"I'm Brian"

"Jacqueline." We say it so non chalently. It's disgusting.

"So I'm just gonna tell you up front, your mom enrolled you out of school, your staying with me, I OWN you. Got that? You will do whatever I ask you. Whether it's washing my clothes or cooking for me, okay? Good.

What. A. Douche. I would rather go home with some old creep than have a douche as an "owner".

When we get to his house its exactly what i didn't expect. It's beautiful.

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