My...Stepbrother? {22}

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                We entered the house and Brandon jumped up and immediately moved to Trace. Trace glared at him in disgust.

                “Trace, we need to talk. Please. You’re not the reason she left. I am. I told her I wasn’t in love with her anymore. I said bad things to her. I told her I didn’t like her picking work over her son and husband. It was me, not you. I swear,” Brandon said desperately.

                “Dad, stop. Guys, let’s go upstairs,” Trace said flatly.

                Sammy and Zeke nervously got off the couch and we all silently followed Trace upstairs, trying not to look at Brandon’s pain filled eyes.

                “Trace, he really is sorry,” I said silently. Trace shrugged. “Whatever,” he grumbled and pulled me into his bedroom.

                We hung out in Trace’s room until it got dark and Zeke and Sammy announced that they had to leave. Zeke pulled me into my own room once Trace had walked Sammy downstairs to see him out of the house.

                “Well? How’s everything with Trace going?” he asked eagerly.

                “We…uh…you know…kiss, and stuff. Like…penguins. Yea, those whores kiss a lot. Kiss all day long, damn them. Kissy, kissy, kissy. Yep,” I said.

                Zeke slapped a hand over my mouth and rolled his eyes. “You’re so stupid Kory. I don’t even think you make sense to yourself. But you and Trace are dating?” I nodded and he pulled his hand away from my mouth and smiled.

                He pulled me into a hug. “I’m happy for you Kory!” he said honestly when he had pulled away from me.

                I smiled at him weakly. “Thanks Zeke. I really hope you find someone for yourself,” I said sincerely. He deserved someone. He was such an amazing boy.

                “Thanks Corny. Anyways, my dad is here so I have to go. I’ll see you later and I hope everything with you and Trace goes well,” he said with a wink before leaving my bedroom.

                Trace appeared about two minutes later and shut my door before coming and dropping next to me on my bed. He took my hand in his and we sat in comfortable silence together for a few minutes before Trace finally decided to break it.

                “Tomorrow I’m taking you on a date. So be ready. I’ll wake you up in the morning. Night Kory,” he said and gave me a rough kiss before getting up and leaving my room.

                I stared at my door as he shut it, confused. He was still in the closet gay, and he didn’t want people to know he was dating his own stepbrother. So where the hell was he going to take the two of us on a date where no one would spot us?

                “Well Kory, the only way to know is go to sleep and find out in the morning.”

                “Gee thanks for the advice Kory!”

                “No problem Kory!”

                Done talking to myself for the night, I turned my lights off and jumped under my covers. I stared at my ceiling, wondering where the hell Trace could take us on a date together that we wouldn’t be seen by others.


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