Just A Step Away...

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This is just a short story I wanted to write :) Enjoy :) 


Julie's P.O.V 

I was walking back to my locker hearing people whisper. I heard the biggest school bitch say : " HAHA LOOK AT THE ORPHAN IS PASSING BY!" I rolled my eyes and kept my head down low not bothering looking at anyone. I heard someone chuckling a little... A guy... The only name that came to my head was Jake. The hottest guy at school, black hair , spiked up , dark brown eyes they looked so dreamy, muscles , a smile to die for. Some girls thinks he looks like Taylor Laughtner. I have no clue who he is... The only hot guy in my life is Jake since every other guy hates me and wants me to die... Which isn't a bad idea... No thinking about that now I'm at school.

I was nearly arrived to my locker when I got tripped I fell onto the ground face first. My  throat tighten a little wanting to cry. I picked up all my stuff that fell. People were laughing at me, I ignored it. I didn't want to bother messing with those people....  I ran towards my locker looking back once seeing Jake looking at me and Linda was all over him. I sighed... Linda... She was my best-friend in pre-school and everything changed once we got to high-school now in 10th grade and still getting bullied since my parents died... Now I'm a orphan.... I shook my head not wanting to think about the car accident that nearly killed me. The screaming of my mother saying : " WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING DAVIS!" My dad was drunk that day not knowing what he was doing... We crashed into another car... Making our car spin and fall into a ditch hitting thousands of trees. I started shaking my head even more still having the screaming of my mom and my crying in my head. Davis was my dad... He died in the car accident my mom survived but she killed herself a couple of weeks after the car accident. 

I walked a couple of steps noticing I was at my locker, I did the combination quickly opening it, as quick  as I could. I felt something hit my head. I looked down on the floor a piece of eraser. Lovely... I took my bag out of my locker. I closed my locker, putting the lock on. 

I got out of the school it was pouring rain outside, the love of spring. I walked around looking for my bus, I finally found it. It was about to leave but I ran towards the bus my head still a little low not wanting someone to make fun of me. I could barely see since my glasses were full of rain drops, I got in the bus looking for a spot to sit. Only the one and only seat at the front of the bus. Jake and Linda also took my bus they always sat at the back together.

People were throwing stuff at me. From food to papers. Finally the bus came to a stop I looked out the window  seeing my bus stop. I heard someone yell : " HAVE A GOOD DAY!" I smiled a little for once I turned looking around for who said that. A random person I said back : " Thanks.." 

" You know I was kidding right?" The person said. I didn't have time to answer since I was out of the bus right after she has said that. The rain was still pouring down, I ignored it and let my pitch black hair get wet. I stopped walking leaning against a tree not wanting to go back to the Orphanage. They hated me there. I started thinking of song lyrics : 

Don't you leave me here... Alone... In the dark

I ran to the orphanage wanting to write down all my ideas right now! I walked in being greeted by this lady.... 

" Hi Julie... How are you today my dear?" She said 

"Hi Miss... I'm fine..." I said.

I walked off looking down she was probably wondering why I was soaked. I walked up some stairs finally arriving to my mini room. I flew open every drawer in my small dresser. I took out some of my clothes searching for my notebook. 

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