2: "Princess"

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

L   U   N   A

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L   U   N   A

     Hailee was my best and only friend since freshmen year. She was always there for me through thick and thin. She knew all about my family problems. She was the one who rang my doorbell in the middle of the night when I told her I had a problem at home, she was the one who stood up from me when no one else did, and she was the one who talked to my mom when we fought and made things right.

     She came from a wealthy family, but, she didn't behave like those girls who spent their parents' money on unimportant things. She was not the typical teenage girls who were chosing friends by their social statuses. She didn't care whether she was in the circle with those who wore Chanel handbags or unbranded ones, went at school by their driver or by a bus, went to the club every week or spent most of their times locked up in the library.

     I was crying on the school's rooftop, holding onto my knees and rested my head on it. I had a huge fight with my mom about my dad. The world seemed so unfair to me and I felt like giving up. I thought about running away from my mom and everyone I knew. I wanted a fresh start, away from all the problems I had been facing.

     "Hey, are you okay?" Someone said. I brought my head up to meet a pair of blue eyes.

     I quickly wiped my tears away and sat straight. I felt even weaker when someone asked me whether I was okay or not. "Yeah." I said above a whisper.

     "Do you need a help?" She asked.

     "No, I'm fine. Thank you." Was my only reply.

     "Okay. I'm Hailee, by the way." She held out her hand and I shook it.


     That was how we became friends. A few days later I had another fight with my mom. It was not a major fight but it still affected me a lot. I ended up telling Hailee everything that happened between my mom, dad, and I. She helped me through my problems and not even once she looked at me with pity.

     I was walking back home when I heard...





     I brought my head up to look ahead of what was going on. As a result, I saw a crowd gathered around something.

     "Excuse me," I pushed pass some of people in the crowd, "Let me through, let me through," I said in a low tone until I was able to see what was going on in the middle of the crowd.

     It was none other than the almighty Aiden Dominic. His back was facing me as his hand gripped the collar of the guy under him as he was straddling the guy, the guy was named Nathan, I believed, my classmate in Math. Aiden's fellows, Tristan, Jackson, and Ray was standing in front of the crowd, doing nothing but watching the fight. From where I stood, I could see blood came out of Nathan's nose, a bruise on his right cheekbone, and another blood on the right corner of his lips. Aiden was about to throw another punch to Nathan who was already weakening and seemed like he had giving up on fighting back Aiden when I-

     "STOP IT, AIDEN, DON'T YOU DARE TO THROW ANOTHER PUNCH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, using a lot of energy, since my voice was always soft and never loud.

     "Oooh, seems like the angel has come to save the day." I heard someone said with a loud voice from the crowd. The crowd burst into evil laughter.

     Aiden stopped dead in his action at the sound of my voice, his fist was in mid-air, he slowly brought his fist down to his side and let go of his grip on Nathan's collar before he turned around to face me with a smirk on his face.

     "Who do you think you are," He stared right into my eyes "princess?" He continued as he walked closer to me, the smirk on his face faded away in each step he took.

     "Y-y-you can't fight in school, y-you could g-get detention." I said as a took a step back.

     He was standing a few inches away from me, towering me. He was so intimidating. I took another step back when I feel my back hit something. "Watch where you're going." I turned my head to see who it was. I didn't know who he was. He didn't move, instead, he stood there watching me cornered by Aiden.

     There was no way to escape. Then, I realized everyone in the crowd was looking at me. Well, at us; me and Aiden.

     "Having trouble running away, princess?" He said, the smirk was back on his face when he realized I had no where to run away now.

     I stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do and I was thinking of an excuse as I stared right into his eyes.

     "Come on, princess, say something. You were yelling so loud at me a couple of seconds ago, where did your loud voice go?" The smirk was still on his face and I noticed his bruise on his left cheek.

     "Aiden, I-I was just telling you, you c-can't fight in school," My mind kept telling me how stupid I was for being unable to say those words without stuttering, "you've, had enough t-trouble."

     "Aw, the princess is nervous," He said, "tell me, princess, why do you care?"

     I found out that Nathan was no longer there, probably already taking his chance to run away. I looked around me to see the crowd was still looking at me. Oh, how much I hate the attention. Those cheerleaders was surely sending me death glares that probably says 'you'll be dead'.

     And yet I was not ready to die.

     "A-Aiden, I need to go."

     "Scared much, princess?" He raised his eyebrows with a grin on his face.

     I ignored his last question - wait, was that even a question? - and I glances to my back to see that the person stood there earlier had gone, so I took it as a chance to escape, I ran away, pushing pass through people. He didn't run after me, which I was grateful for.

     "She's such a loser."

     I heard the crowd mocking right behind me. That was what I got from trying to save someone from being punched to death? This society was so fucked up.

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