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"Wow, I don't think I've seen you in the daylight for a while." James Rhodes snickered, watching as his best friend stepped out of his hotel, sunglasses shielding his eyes and a frown on his face. Before Tony Stark could take another step out the lobby, James threw his arm around the younger man's droopy shoulders, driving him away from the limousine waiting for them. Tony whined softly as he was pulled away from the expensive automobile. "Nuh-uh, we're goin' for a walk."

"Why?" Tony protested quietly, not speaking too loudly as he placed his right hand on his temple, trying to ease his killer headache. There was so much regret flowing through his veins, and he still felt like he was going to throw up. Even with sunglasses on, the bright autumn sunlight was painfully attacking the rich boy's eyes. A moody expression on his face, Tony huffed. "What the hell do you expect to gain from this?"

"A laugh." James responded with a chuckle, bringing Tony further into the energetic atmosphere of New York. He was completely enjoying the situation, for some sadistic reason, the pain his friend was feeling was utterly satisfying. James had told him multiple times to stop picking up drinks the previous night, so this morning was a good kick of karma in Tony's direction. But he wasn't that mean, which was why he was going to treat him to a lovely stroll around Central Park. "I know it doesn't mean shit to you, but I hope this isn't gonna be a regular thing."

"Huh?" Tony hummed, trying to appear curious, though the only thing on his mind was getting a jug of water and a piece of chocolate cake. James glanced over at the dark haired man and shook his head, smiling in amusement. The man was clearly a mess, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. His shirt was carelessly untucked and his hair was all over the place. There was an obvious carelessness in his walk and his feet were dragging across the concrete.

"You being hungover." James replied matter-of-factly, raising an eyebrow. "Look, I know it's fun and all, finally not having to bribe people to give you drinks, but now that you're actually legal, you don't have to down vodka like there's no tomorrow. Imagine what your dad'll say?"

"Maybe something, for once." Tony retorted sulkily, suddenly turning into a corner store before James could drag him away. James rolled his eyes, before following quickly. Just as he entered, the boy billionaire glanced over his shoulder blankly. "He'll probably tell me something about the amazing Steve Rogers, and how he was too righteous to drink back in his day. Sounds like a proud asshole if you ask me."

"From what I heard, Captain Rogers wasn't an asshole, and no one was asking you." James chortled, watching as Tony moved from isle to isle in his peach shirt and jeans, three large water bottles and several bags of food in his spaghetti arms. "Apparently we're gonna hear all about him in the army. He was the World War Two superstar."

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