Chapter sixteen

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We followed the royal family further into the bank, Draco was walking along with us. Something about 'making sure that he was right,' I walked behind another counter as I heard the Goblins whispering about the volts the royal family were going to. 

"I thought that Luna girl was just a false warning but It seems that she really does want change." The goblin closest to the table Draco and Ron were under. I raised an eyebrow at them who both just shrugged in response.

"I know, I believed the same but it seems that I guessed wrong and not to mention the fact that five of them are children of the big three. I can't believe that she's gone to these extremes. I mean we just finished the war, everyone's full of hope." The other goblin nodded in agreement before they both left to go back to work. We snuck around a corner and found another conversation, this one was between Percy, Annabeth, Thalia and Jason.

"I hate this place," Thalia said quietly, Jason looked at her like she'd just told him she was on fire.

"Why the Weasley's are nice to us and we aren't almost being murdered by the literal ground. What is there to hate?" She rolled her eyes in annoyance,

"I meant the bank," Jason laughed rubbing the back of his neck and muttering,

"Wow, now I feel like Percy," Annabeth began to laugh hearing his comment.

"Wait, what are you laughing at," Thalia who was also laughing managed to choke out a reply.

"Jason said something funny, man, you really do have fish for brains," I held back a smile while Harry sniggered next to me. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine as her face went serious,

"We need to move, someone is listening to us," My eyes went wide and Hermione's hand flew towards her mouth. They all got up and walked along the hall. I saw the other royals move out of the vaults.

"We should go before we get caught," Draco whispered. He had this odd look in his eye like he knew something we didn't. I nodded following Ron and Harry out of the bank and back to where Mum and Dad said they'd meet us. 

"What do you think those goblins meant?" Ron asked I shrugged as Harry turned to look at the cheerful Royals laughing and running up to us.

"I don't know but I don't think that we're going to have a normal year at Hogwarts."

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