Wild in the spirt house P4 (final)

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"I'm back, I'm surprised it didn't take too long. You guys wanna eat right now or when we get back to the spirt house." Russel said. "I'll eat whens we get back to the spirt house." 2D said. "I'll do the same." Noodle said. "I'm just gonna eat right now. And when we get back I'm gonna take another nap. I call the bedroom this time." Russel said. 2D thinks in his mind "Now how are me and noodle are goin to have sex now? Eh, I'll figure it out whens I get to the spirt house." They finally arrived to the spirit house. Russel goes upstairs to the bathroom and gives murdoc his food. Then he goes to the bedroom and takes a nap. While 2D was eating, he was trying to figure out how is he going to screw her. Then 2D finally found an idea. "Since murdoc kept stayin in the bath, and Russel was asleep. maybe me and noodle can do it in the kitchen." 2D thought. So after they ate, He took off noodle's jacket, shirt, panties, and skirt. And bends her over the table a screws her. Murdoc finally gets out of the bath and wakes up russel. 2D heard footsteps so they quickly got ready. "Are you guys ready to go?" Murdoc asked. "Y-Yeah, we're ready." 2D asked. "Then what are you waiting for, faceache? Let's hit the road." Murdoc said.  2D and noodle were sitting in the backseats and were holding hands. 2D raises his and noodle's hand and kisses her hand. "Luv yew, noodle" 2D whispered in her ear. She blushes and kissed him on the cheek.

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