Wild in the spirt house P3

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Russel wakes up from his nap and wonders why the house was shaking. He walked out and thought it was an earthquake. But it wasn't, it was inside of the house. It came from upstairs. So he walked upstairs. "Hurry, swomeone is comin! Lwets get ready." 2D said. They quickly got ready. 2D lit up a cigarette and acted like everything was normal. Russel opened the door. "Hmm, I thought I heard shaking up here. That's weird" Russel said. "It wuz probably just yew again." 2D said. "No, Right as I was coming upstairs it stopped. Is something going on up here?" Russel said "No, nothin goin on here. Right noodle?" 2D said. "Yep, nothing going on up here." Said noodle. "Yeah, it was probably just murdoc taking a bath." Russel said. "Well, I guess I'll just leave you two here, unless you wanna go out and get breakfast with me while murdoc is in the bath. I already know what he wants. He gets it every time." Russel said. "Yeah lets go and get sum bweckfast with russel. Are yew comin wit us noodle?" Said 2D. "Yes." Noodle said. They get into the car. Noodle and 2D were in the back, Russel was in the front. "One of you can sit up here, murdoc isn't coming." Russel said. 2D goes up in the front. He turns around and winks at noodle. Noodle winks back. "It's going to be packed in there today because they're having a great sale for brunch. You two can stay in the car while I get it." Russel said. A few minutes later they arrived. Russel gets out of the car and goes in the store. 2D hops in the back seat with noodle. He unbuttons her jacket and squeezes her tits. He puts his thumb in her mouth, noodle grabs his wrist and moves it back and forth. He. Reaches in her skirt and fingers her. He saw Russel coming. He quickly jumped in the front seat and noodle quickly buttoned her jacket up.

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